Depression:A Sermon by Me and To Me…

What happens when life(your life)goes to pieces?How do we respond to adversity while attending the graduate school of adversity.Those who know me are aware that 14 months ago my life went to pieces.I know what it is to be a student in the school of adversity.By His grace God is teaching me how to respond  when life goes to pieces.

In 1.Kings.17:1-7 Elijah attended the school of adversity.

The Bible sets forth the many public appearances of Elijah.

His dramatic conflict on Mt.Carmel with the prophets of Baal.

His conflict with Jezebell,that one who led the children of Israel astray into apostasy and idolatry.Elijah stood up to her.But in 1.Kings 17 we are concerned with the struggle that he had inside himself.God is sending Elijah to school,the school of adversity,to teach him in the same school that you and I must attend.

.FAMINE.17:1.There was a famine in the land.

As the days and months went by,theskies were brazen and hard and yielded no rain.The fields were parched and dried up.Famine came.The whole land suffered from it.

But God was teahing Elijah a lesson..for he was going through the same experiences.His garden withered away.His well went dry.His food stores ran out.

Elijah may have said what you and I have declared, “Why me”,I’ve been faithful.And that may be true.But here is the lesson:It is the lesson of learning dependence upon resources outside himself and beyond himself.You have got to learn to depend on Me and trust Me.So God said,leave your house,your garden,,your security,all of your resources and get into the desert.

He came to a little stream called,Cherith and there was a bubbling spring.God said,sit here,wait here,live here.I will feed you bread and meat.The ravens of the air shall bring what you need day by day and they did….twice a day.Elijah had a good life there beside the brook Cherith.No problems at all……..and suddenly…..

2.ADVERSITY.Then one morning the brook dried  up.verse7.And life went to pieces for Elijah.

Why did God allow this to happen to Elijah?

What happens when the light of life goes out?All goes well beside the brook Cherith,everything falls into place and life is good.Then one day the brook dries up….pehaps it’s health,an accident,a moral failure,seperation.There is the brook of joy and refreshment and then suddenly the brook dries up.

3.WHY? When adversity comes we often cry out,Why?Why did this happen Lord?

There are some answers:

I can tell you why it did NOT happen.

God had not forgotten Elijah.

Neither has this happened because Elijah had sinned.

Why did the book run dry?Because there was no rain in the land.vs.7.

Elijah, you are living in a world that has a set of natural laws.A world of accidents,tragedies,suffering.the brook ran dry because there was no rain.Your body breaks down because it was not made to live forever.

Another lesson..God is not caught off gaurd.

God has plans for Elijah because of this experience…I am going to send you out to a woman in Zaraphath and you are going to minister to her.Now you will be able.So it is with our lives.We are stronger because of adversity.We learn compassion.We are able to share that experience.It causes tenderness and we are not as judgemental.Elijah was being prepared for the future.


Life moves on and God moves us with life through the adversities and tragedies and the dry brooks of life.He will move us on to greater things.Remember,you are going to the school of adversity to repare for something greater.we have to believe and trust Him.

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3 Comments on “Depression:A Sermon by Me and To Me…”

  1. Greg Bailey Says:

    Hey Bill:
    Awesome. I have been depressed before (God’s answer was conversion/or should we say the reason for the depression may have been conversion) and am still prone to discouragement (usually a result of lack of belief). I could not live and not go through these things, in many ways they are the gift of God to me. Each time they come to visit, I see myself and God in much clearer view.
    In Christ Alone,

  2. Archibald Hart’s book on,”Unlocking the mysteries of your emotions” has been a help to me.It is out of print but can still be found.He describes depression as a reaction to some loss in our lives.That loss may be real or imagined but it is a loss.Of course I believe,as he does,that there can be medical reasons for depression as well.I know my fundametalists brethren disagree with me on this.But I have long gotten over what they think,say or do.

  3. Greg Bailey Says:

    Ed Welch also has a book with a great Biblical look at depression…and no, he doesn’t say never look for medical relief, just that scripture does what medications can’t. In many ways I found it very tender, but also very convicting.

    All that gobble de gook is a link to its page at
    In Christ Alone,

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