Re-defining Christian Terms..Seekers.Seeking..Sinking!!

How seeker  churches describe sinners(non-offensive,non-threatening,non-Biblical).

1.Super Seekers.

2.Sensitive Seekers

3.Silent Seekers.

4.Seeker shoppers(just looking).

5.Seeker cautious.

6.Seeker Curious.

7.Seeker Positive.

8.Seeker Almost There.

9.Seeker Pre-Christ Followers

10.Seeker Un-Churched.

        Bible definitions:









9.Dead in sins.Eph.2:1.

10.Children of wraft.Eph.3:3

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6 Comments on “Re-defining Christian Terms..Seekers.Seeking..Sinking!!”

  1. Oprah seekers=people who define God by the way they think He should be.

  2. Rev Says:

    The first half of that post was really thoughtful and polite, but then you had to get all mean-spirited in that second half. What the heck is wrong with you?

  3. Rev,
    In the first half I was the “Sugar”of the earth.
    Second half………”Salt”of earth.

  4. Quinn Hooks Says:

    Nah, Dwight,
    Oprah seeker = one who thinks Oprah is God.

    You think some might be getting so “seeker sensitive” that they are no longer “Savior sensitive”?

  5. hwunch Says:

    I would think that people of Calvinist leanings would have problems with any “seeker” language. Is that a fair assumption?

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