Music..Music..Music…in the Church

One of the greatest trials I’ve had was a conflict with a “music director.” During that time I came to believe that the Church of Christ denomination had a good idea,”No Piano,No organ and no music director in the church.”If only they were not so confused about Baptisimal regeneration.

Overwhelmingly my experiences have been pleasent with music directors and I am grateful and humbled for our journey together.

However I have had at least two trials in this area that I would like to forget.

One director was never on time for Sunday school.)

(I had rather deal with a drunk than someone who is always late).

Also when the choir met before morning worship he used that time for announcements,prayer requests and a season of prayer.The choir was late for worship..Inexcusable.

There were other issues of incompetence.He rejected counsel.

In this church the Pastor had the responsibility to hire and fire(not a good idea).When I and 9 Deacons asked for his resignation he rebelled and he and his wife sat on the front pew for several weeks.His mother started attending our church and be-rated me publically and loudly.

However,I challenge my fellow Pastors to top ths second experience:

It was my first serviceat a new church.I preached and I noticed that the invitation hymn was not listed in the bulletin.I assumed,wrongly,that the Pastor was to choose the invitation hymn.I asked the congregation to turn to a certain invitation hymn.That Sunday night the Music director met with the Chairman of Deacons and me,He said,”Pastor you crossed a line this morning.You got into my territory by calling out the hymn of invitation.He added..over half of our membership has called me today and they are upset.I was amazed at this absurdity and said to him,”I don’t believe half of our membership has called you about this(that would have been over 100 people calling on a Sunday afternoon).He replied that I was calling him a liar.We both agreed that is exactly what I was saying.He agreed to stay and lead the music in our Revival the next week.I said that will not be necessary.He left,but not quietly.He informed the church that I was a Dictator..because I HAD STEPPED INTO HIS TERRITORY.For about a year some folks in the church would hardly speak to me.Later they became good friends and supported me in endeavors at this church.I was there for 9 fruitful years.

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4 Comments on “Music..Music..Music…in the Church”

  1. […] hottubreligion wrote an interesting post today on Music..Music..Musicâ¦in the ChurchHere’s a quick excerptOne of the greatest trials I’ve had was a conflict with a “music director.” During that time I came to believe that the Church of Christ denomination had a good idea,”No Piano,No organ and no music director in the church. … […]

  2. Hottub I feel your pain.

  3. churchmusicman17 Says:

    Hottub, I am your pain —- AND AM LOVING IT!!!!!!!!!

  4. donnie barnett Says:

    Bill, I decided to wade into to your hot tub this evening and ouch!!!! did I get alittle burned! Checked out your category on Music Directors. I have always realized the importance in starting the worship service on time. Have tried to convey this in a sweet Christian way to my Choir (mostly Seniors) but for some reason they just have trouble getting to the choir room on time. Would appreciate your comment and any advice concerning my problem. I just might tell them what you say………..Well maybe. Pat continues to do well. Will start chemo in a couple of weeks. Hope you and family are well!! Please continue to pray for us as we continue to pray for you.

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