Patti Roberts,Richard’s First Wife:Amazing Grace

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3 Comments on “Patti Roberts,Richard’s First Wife:Amazing Grace”

  1. thanks for that jewel. now my computer screen is broken from that final set of glass shattering notes.

  2. Mel Says:

    So tell me friend” Do you believe people can come to know the Lord through theses Ministers? And if so, then why go on a mission to attack them,, if God is still bringing souls to Christ through them..
    I disagree with them even though I came to know the Lord through one of them.. I believe we should leave it in God’s hands because we don’t want to be responsible for a lost soul because of our attacks, and it wouldn’t look good on our record when we stand before the Lord if some one goes to hell because of us..

    • These false prophets preach another Jesus,another Spirit and another gospel.The Apostle Paul never wavered in exposing false doctrine and neither should we.No one could possibly be responsible for one of God’s elect going to hell.That was decided before the foundation of the world.Salvation is of the Lord.Only He holds the keys to heaven and hell.

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