Changes in our church:Cowboy hat,Skate board ramp….

Heeding the advice of the Baptist Building in S.C. and the SBC we caved in and made some drastic changes in our church.

For one thing..we made the Handi-cap ramp into a “skate board”ramp.That is more relevant and up to date and it appeals to the young people in our neighborhood.(so far,no law suits for injuries).

And of course we went to two service on Sunday morning.The first service is “Non traditional.”I wear a cowboy hat an sit on a bar stool when I preach.We don’t sing boring,doctrinal hymns.The words of songs(mostly written by Assembly of God folks)are shown on the wall.they are peppy songs.Our favorite is,”I wouldn’t take nothing for my jersery cow,I’ve got to make it to heaven somehow.

We average 5 in our early service..6 if you count me.One Sunday a pregnant lady showed up and we counted her twice.We learned that from Johnny real advantage of the early service is that everybody knows each other.

In our early.non-traditional service we do what is called the “Joshua march.”We line up like a choo choo train and march around the sancturary 7 times.On the seventh march we put our offering in the plate on the communion table.We emphasize(because this is a non-traditional service) that if you need to take money out of the plate,feel free to do so.Last week I took out five dollars for a gallon of gas.

Visitors in the non-traditional service are given a loaf of bread with a gospel tract and informaton about our church.

Things are going well in our new early service.Two weeks ago we had “High attendance”day.My wife was sick and I was the only one who showed up.I was not discouraged and gave myself a loaf of bread.The fellowship was sweet.

Our second service is Traditional.In this service I do not wear a cowboy hat.We have an average of 35 in attendance.The disadvantage of such a large crowd is hardly anybody knows one another.

We sing songs out of the hymnal that hardly anyone knows.All stand in reverance as we read the traditional Baptist church covenant.Many remain silent when we come to the alcohol part because they take a big dose of Ny-quil nightly to help them sleep.Also,some ,like me,buy beer to boil shrimp in and we use part of it to wash our hair.

I give the children’s story in the traditional service even though the average age is 75.But it’s a tradition.

As you may guess we have two traditional revivals each year.They run Sunday through Wed.Last fall we just went through Monday because of low attendance.On Tuesday and Wednesday nights we met at wendys and talked about those who did not come to the revival.All agreed that they would burn in hell.

I am facing a real dilema in the spring.What will I do about home coming?Our two services will be combined on that Sunday.Should I wear my cowboy hat?Sit on a stool or stand to preach?Sing out of the hymnal or off the wall?

Well,I’ve prayed the prayer of faith.

I will hold my cowboy hat in my hand while I preach.

Instead of sitting on a stool,I’ll do a half Indian squat.

The non-traditional folks will sing off the wall..the song,O do Lord remember me and at the same time the traditional folks will sing Holy Holy Holy out of the hymnal.

This change business is rather complicated but according to Rick Warren attendance will increase 20 per-cent.And for those who fail to go along with change,Warren suggests that they will join that crowd who didn’t support the fall revival.

Anyway if you don’t have a church home…come and worship with us Sunday.In the early,non-traditional service all visitors will be given a light bulb with a gospel tract about the light of the world.

I’ll see you Sunday.I’ll be the one with the cowboy hat on my head.

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4 Comments on “Changes in our church:Cowboy hat,Skate board ramp….”

  1. chadwick Says:

    Wild Bill the Cowboy Preacher!!! 😀


  2. Chadwick,
    Rick Warren warned us that people like you would not share our”Vision.”We are marching foward with or without you…”Whatever it takes in 2008.”Our “purpose is to take the gospel from the “Red Rose City All the way to “Red China.””The whole word for the whole world.”Chadwick…lead,follow,or get out of the way.
    Here we…”Grow.””Glow”and “Go.”
    Purpose driven Bill

  3. pastorinthewoods Says:

    As an analyst of your strategy, I have identified your target audience with the information you have given me. Look at the my latest post to see the profile of Lancaster Larry.

    I would caution you as I did in my post that Lancaster Lamont and Lancaster Lou may be highly offended by your worship style.

  4. Pastorinthewoods,
    Rick Warren in 40 days of purpose promises churches that follow his plan:Attendance grew 20%;new groups grew 59%;tithing increased 20%.
    In the Red Rose city we have defined our target group.As a result of our survey(what people hate about church)we have devised a service that is relevant to the “felt needs”of that demographic profile.We discovered that the “unchurched” need love,acceptance,forgiveness,meaning,self-expression,and a PURPOSE for living.The “unchurched”(we no longer call them sinners)are not interested in heaven or hell(the after life).They are consumed with finding out if there is any meaning or PURPOSE to THIS life.
    Go ahead pastornthewoods and make light of me wearing a cowboy hat and giving bread to guests(we don’t call them visitors)and while you are writing sarcastic posts and calling it humor,we will be growing 20%.

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