Chadwickivester taught me about blogging

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 Everything I learned about blogging,I learned from and this is what it got me.

Hello Bill,I can tell by looking at your website that you know very little about God,Jesus or the Holy Spirit.I can also tell that you have no respect for many of God’s servants and have no problem with bearing false witness and misinterpreting and spreading idle gossip on your site.You sicken me.You hypocrite! Who do you think you are? With all your degrees you are ignorant. And you think you can teach and answer peoples questions?What a joke you are,but not at all funny.I feel sorry for the poor people who would look to you for advice.Remember that pride goeth before a fall and you are headed right for one,a fall that is. I hope you learn from it and that you remember that you were warned. You are probably too much of a coward to post my comment you viper,I believe that is what Jesus called people like

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9 Comments on “Chadwickivester taught me about blogging”

  1. Greg Bailey Says:

    Well, I wouldn’t take to many lessons from Chad.
    On the flip side, do you think she is responding to the anti-televanvelist heretic threads or the where was Paige Patterson when one of his prototges was taking advantage of younger women threads?

  2. Gloria was not specific.She was more or less Anti-Hottub in all areas. I can’t help but believe that my mentor should bear some of the responsibility of this vicious attack from Gloria.

  3. Although I have never met Gloria,I have met her brother, (1.Peter.5:8).It is doubtful that Gloria is married.If she is …be assured that he is a hen-pecked Arminian.
    (to know Bill is to love Bill).

  4. Quinn Hooks Says:

    I think that as a Tennessee hillbilly, she is upset that Tennessee lost to Vanderbilt so they are no longer #1 in NCAA basketball.

  5. pastorinthewoods Says:

    Well I guess we know your not a coward! Being called a “viper” by someone who describes herself to be a hillbilly is brag worthy. That term does not come out unless you are the subject of an Ind. fundemental sermon. I feel like a lizard compaired to you.

  6. It sounds like Gloria needs to take a vacation or get a hobby. Wow, she is ANGRY!!

    Oh well, I think you’ve got a good blog. Keep it up, man.

  7. Pastor in the woods.I have heard that viper venom is used for medicinal purposes.Gloria may know about that.
    David,The Apostle Paul described himself as “one born out of due time”(the aborted one).So whatever Gloria calls me pales compared to what I really am…a sinner saved by grace.
    A word to Gloria about “jumping”to conclusions.
    “Once there was a dog named August
    who was always jumping to conclusions
    One day he jumped at the conclusion of a mule
    and that was the last day of August.”

  8. hwunch Says:

    Maybe she is one of those snake handling folks? We have one in our church, but it was just to get it out of the playground equipment 😛

  9. Rev Says:

    I feel the love.

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