Deaf,Dumb,Blind,Or Wine?(Welches Grape Juice).Gen.29:21-27

It is my privilege to teach a Men’s Sunday School class each Lord’s day.We use Lifeway’s Explore The Bible series,(The same material that John the Baptist used).

The lesson for March 9 deals with Jacob and his marriage to Leah and Rachel.

The question I have is,how did Jacob not know on his wedding night that instead of consumating his marriage with Rachel,he did so with Leah?

Lifeway 26,Adult Leader Guide:Verse.23.Two ideas have provided the most satisfying answer.First,some scholars think Jacob was so drunk from the wedding celebration that he could not distinguish between the two sisters.(my comments..If Jacob was drunk it was because like Noah,he did not know that the Southern Baptist welches grape juice had fermented.Hottub).

Since Laban did not give Leah to Jacob until that evening,Jacob could have been celebrating for hours.Evening also adds the element of darkness,making Jacob’s task of identifying the right sister even more difficult.The second idea is that Leah was wearing a traditional wedding veil that covered most of her face.Together with the wine(grape juice,Hottub)and the evening darkness,Leah’s veil prevented Jacob from knowing she was not Rachel.

Now,I don’t know the answer as to why Jacob was deceived.I do know that in my younger pre-born again years I became highly intoxicated from Welches grape juice but never to the place that I could not distinguish between a Rachel and a Leah.

Perhaps you have an explanation.Please share with hottub.

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2 Comments on “Deaf,Dumb,Blind,Or Wine?(Welches Grape Juice).Gen.29:21-27”

  1. dwight easler Says:

    One of the only negative things the Bible says about Leah was that she had weak eyes. Maybe with a veil she wasn’t half bad.

  2. And there is the country song,”The girls get prettier at closing time.”

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