“Soul Winning”And The Scriptures.Thoughts on Soul Winning.

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8 Comments on ““Soul Winning”And The Scriptures.Thoughts on Soul Winning.”

  1. Jake Says:

    Sounds like basic Calvnistic apologetic to me.

  2. Jake,
    I’ll be glad to post your rebutal to this Calvnistic apologetic.

  3. faraz Says:

    you need to read the New Testament so you can have a better understanding of soul winning

  4. faraz:You need to(study) not just read the N.T.

  5. Maurice Says:

    So after you preach the gospel to a person and quote Romans 10:9 to them. What’s the next step?

    • Ryan Says:

      Your right, we don’t “win” souls…only God does. We water, we plant, but God gives the increase – I Cor 3:6.
      Maurice: After you preach the gospel to a person and quote Romans 10:9, you then quote Jesus & Peter and tell them that they must be born again of water and the spirit. That is through repentance (turn from sins), baptism in “Jesus” Name (Water), and then God will fill them with the Holy Spirit w/ the evidence of speaking in tongues (Spirit). Then they must continue to grow, live holy, separated lives unto God, and endure to the end.

  6. Kerry Says:

    I totally agree with the soul saving/winning lecture. But I have said this (“I love to save souls”) thing before. I just think it can mean more than one thing, just as you said “it can also mean more than one thing” in your reading here. We cannot save ourselves, but if we have accepted Christ (and he is in us) …then when I say I love to save souls, I am of course talking about doing Gods work with the help of the Holy Spirit who dwells in me. Although, we should be clear when saying what we really mean! YOU ARE CORRECT! God Bless You!

  7. Kerry Says:

    I don’t disagree with the author/writer of this passage! just wanted to clarify that I was talking to a crowd of Christians at that time when I said save souls. i have not read all of this passage yet, but I just had to submit this before I went on. AND I DON’T GO AGAINST THE ONES WRITING THIS SHORT STORY BECAUSE I THINK THEY ARE JUST TRYING TO CLARIFY SOMETHING HERE! They just want us to be CLEAR and “on point” when we say certain things. I don’t hate CORRECTION! I’d rather be corrected than to mislead a whole nation of people, and then have God himself punish me…Now I’ll get back to my reading…

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