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3 Comments on “Altar Call Evangelisim.”

  1. dwight easler Says:

    I think this is the best argument I have ever read concerning the invitation. It rivals Hottubs teaching concerning the title “altar” for the front of teh church.

    From my experience the altar call system is not sufficient or efficient. Because Christian people still come up for prayer after the message I still have a time of response at the close of a sermon on Sunday morning. However, if someone comes up for salvation, unless I have spoken to them previously and they are coming to request membership through Baptism, I do not present them at that moment. The “altar call” system is part of the problem of so many absentee SBC members.

    Thanks for your research hottub


  2. Dwight,
    In some churches they now have “Altar call waiting.”If someone stays too long,an usher taps them on the back to let them know their space is needed for someone else.
    I have preached in some places where they have boxes of tissues implying that tears are expected at the altar.
    One time as I knelt to pray with someone at the altar a Deacon noticed a hole in the sole of one of my shoes.He gave me a hundred dollars to buy a pair of new shoes.
    I wish that every pastor would take his Bible and a concordance and study every passage where the word altar is found.It is amazing how much “light”the Bible sheds on commentaries and Alter call preachers.
    Hebrews.1:3b.When he had by himself purged our sins,sat down on the right hand of the Majesty on high:
    Jesus was..the Altar…the sacrifice..and the Priest.
    …Hebrews.4:16..invitation to the throne of grace..not an altar.
    ….John.1:29.Behold the Lamb of God..not an altar.

  3. Greg Bailey Says:

    THere is NO ALTAR in a Baptist church!!!! I also think Paul’s article is right on. The call equates decision to walk with a supernatural movement of God and eventually leads us to allow anyone who can walk to become a church member. It harms evangelism!

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