Are New Ideas Working?Questions For Tomorrow.

If you read books and articles on the church growth movement you will constantly be told that we must change the methods but not the message.But to often the message does change along with the methods.Are the new methods really working?Are the new methods producing mature believers?

In the Leadership Journal there is an interesting article by Gordan MacDonald,,”One giant lesson about introducing new ideas.”At the end of his article his point is,”Questions for tomorrow.”He writes…

During these forty years of innovation,I have seen and wondered about these things:

We have more  people “worshiping”but fewer people—-in my opinion-worshiping.What many tend to call worship is what we used to call a song service,a very loud song service.It gets people excited,effects an adrenaline release,and makes people feel good——for lets say,24 hours.I have thoroughly enjoyed many of these.But I do wonder:is it worship?

We probably have much better preaching today,but the jury is out on whether it creates solid,thinking Christian disciples.Does mixing topical preaching with film clips and drama prompt significant life-change?I hope so.

We have created an incredible religious market for books,videos,and every other kind of media,and this is,I think,good news.But we’re not far off from knowing whether all these words,tunes,and images really built Christian character and worldview or simply lots of money for some people.

We’ll soon know if rock musicians did a better job of convincing young generations to walk with Jesus than the previous generation’s youth sponsors did.

In our headlong rush to build new and bigger churches,we have done a remarkable job of discovering new and compelling approaches that provide niche ministries for just about every human need.But the jury may still be out as to whether we ar really building people,marriages,and families according to biblical specifications.We need to find out soon if all these inniovations are creating sustainable friendships and communities of Christlike growth.

I am dazzled by the incredible innovations that we are seeing in the Chistian movement today.Seeing new churches sprouting has been a great thrill to me.I am enthralled by a new generation of men(and women)who want to be church planters and proclaimers of the faith through the arts and intellectual acuity.

But I will keep wonderong:are we producing saints,the kind of truly holy people of who it was once said,“it seems like he or she just came out of the presence of God”?

My cautious side worries about the increasing number of conversations I have with fast-moving,innovative leaders who tell me that they are spiritually dry,in trouble with their marriages,and exhausted keeping up with the latest…well….innovations.The drop-out rate in the Christian ministry seems alarmingly high,and it makes me wonder if the kinds of innovation we have been pursuing are sustainable.

And you know what worries me the most?Just about the time we think we’ve got this innovative church figured out,another new generation will come along and tell us we are irrelevant,blind,and out of our minds to think that this is the way God wanted things to be.And we will be off to the races with more bright ideas.Maybe that’s the way it was meant to be.

I can imagine a day when some nation is about to land some men and women on Mars.And some young pastor who reminds me of me will convene a leadership meeting to propose…..

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3 Comments on “Are New Ideas Working?Questions For Tomorrow.”

  1. Tom Tucker Says:

    he is so right. Where have we gone! I was told the other day with great disgust that I was an old fashioned preacher. I took it as a compliment! Stay strong Bill! Pray for me as well!

  2. Tom
    Percy Ray said one time,”I’ve been called a S.O.B.and that doesn’t mean Southern Baptist.”
    How are you coming along on that Convention sermon for Nov?

  3. Quinn Hooks Says:

    You are right! Where have we gone? We are sliding down the slippery slope Spurgeon described so well as he warned his generation of Baptist brethren.

    Stay strong!
    I am praying for both of you brothers!

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