An Old Calvinist to a Young Arminian.John.5:21

Dr.BB Caldwell was speaking in a meeting and dealt with this verse in John5:21.For the Father raiseth up the dead,and quickeneth them;even so the Son quickeneth whom he will.

Dr.Caldwell said,”All movement a sinner makes toward God is physical,because he can’t respond to anything else.The sinner is an alien,dead sinner.He is spiritually dead,spiritually blind.You cannot show him spiritual truth.He has no spiritual sight.He is spiritually blind.He can’t hear God.He has no spiritual ears.Now when God quickens(makes him alive)his ability will now equal his responsibility…to repent and believe the gospel.Until that happens he can’t repent.He is dead.He has no faith.God must quicken him,and give him ability to equal his responsibility.John5:21.Salvation is in the hands of a Sovereign God.He quickens whom he will. John5:21b.Not all men.

A young Preacher boy from Lexington,NC who was attending a Bible School said to Dr.Caldwell after hearing the sermon,said,”Dr.Caldwell,I’m troubled about the doctrine of election.Can you help me?”Dr.Caldwell replied,”Let me ask you some questions.”

1.Is the sinner dead?YesEph.2:1.

2.What can a dead man do?Nothing.All a dead man can do is stink.

3.What does a dead man need?Only one answer…Resurrection.

4.Who can raise that dead man?

The young man began to see the necessity of Election.If God didn’t quicken the dead there would be nobody saved.Salvation is in the hands of a Sovereign God and he saves all who want to be saved.Your salvation depends absolutely on God.If God doesn’t quicken you,you will die in your sins.

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7 Comments on “An Old Calvinist to a Young Arminian.John.5:21”

  1. dwight easler Says:

    This brings up an interesting web question from a discussion I had recently with an individual who needless to say is a Calvinist. He said, ” I pray every night that my unborn child will be regenerated in the womb as John the Bapt.” Can regeneration and conversion occurr within the womb and that child be a believer from the moment of conception? We seek your wisdom Dr. Hottub.

  2. Chadwick..The young preacher was a student at Fruitland,I think.
    Dwight,I only know that John the Baptist was.So we have only one example.Perhaps this implies that it is possible,but since only one example..let us not presume.
    For instance…what about death bed repentance?One example..thief on the cross.So it is possible.But only one…let us not presume.
    I would personally have more confidence in one who showed evidences of regeneration in the womb than 7 million Southern Baptists who have walked to the front of the church–prayed the magic prayer..were baptised and withered away becoming a two-fold child of the hell.on the way to hell and given a false assurance by an Arminian Southern Baptist minister so desperate for decisions that he calls for a decision instead of warning sinners to flee from the wraft of God..The God who commanded men to repent and believe the gospel..something no one can do until they are quickened,regenerated in the womb or outside of the womb.Of one thing i am certain..From the womb to the tomb God is Sovereign and salvation is in the Hands of our Sovereign God.He can do as he chooses.
    Jesus healed three blind men.
    One he he put mud on his eyes…one he put mud in his eyes twice.One day the three met.How did you receive your sight?Jesus touched me..then you don’t have it.i thought I could see.No,you don’t have it.To another.How did you receive your sight”Jesus put mud on my eyes and I could see.No,you don’t have it He put mud on my eyes twice.So they got into a big MUD fight.

  3. Dwight,
    When does the Good Shepherd call his sheep?
    1.When it pleases Him.Galatians.1:15.
    2.Some from the womb.Jer.1:5;Luke1:15.
    3.Some by a Sovereign gospel call.Moses was called a proper child.
    4.Some in the hour of death.Luke23:42-43;Matt20:9.

  4. He was readily convinced intellectually and emotionally.How could he not believe the truth that was revealed..when God opened his eyes?What his eyes saw changed his heart.That is what Godly repentance does for slow minds like myself.But for the grace of God,i would still be blinded by heritical arminianism and attending Bailey Smith Conferences.

  5. dwight easler Says:

    I think your answer is a good one. We cannot presume upon God. What I said was that we must be careful not to assume that a child has saving faith just because he\she shows signs of an intellectual knowledge of the Gospel from an early age. There are many who can give Sunday School answers from preshool who show no lasting fruit. Let us not presume.

  6. You are correct.The devil and demons believed Jesus was the Son of God.Acts19:15.And the evil spirit answered and said,Jesus I know,and Paul I know;but who are you?

  7. joe Says:

    The gospel is a declaration not an invitation. The declaration under the power of God speaks to dead sinners in the heart to quicken him. Then upon hearing the gospel by the spirit of God saving faith comes and God does this to whom he wills. The wind bloweth where it listeth.

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