More Hyper Calvinists Please!Dr.James R.Gray,Utica Baptist Church

When I read in the Baptist Courier that Utica Baptist Church gave $97,146 to Lottie Moon in Dec,2007 and

$99,000 in 2006,a mouse stirred in the attic of my memory.A few years ago when Dr.James R.Gray’s name surfaced as a possible candidate for President of the SC Baptist Convention,he was immediately branded by the leaders of the “conservative caucus” as a “hyper calvinist.”

Dr.Gray does hold to the traditional doctrines of grace embraced by the founders of the SBC.However,I have known him personally since 1971 and he has never professed to being a hyper calvinist.

Only those who hold to religious bullying and stupidity would brand him as a hyper calvinist.But I must say,if he is indeed a hyper calvinist may the Lord increase his tribe.This will mean more missionaries around the world spreading the good news of Jesus Christ.

Give us more hyper,super duper calvinists PLEASE!

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4 Comments on “More Hyper Calvinists Please!Dr.James R.Gray,Utica Baptist Church”

  1. Greg Says:

    I usually bristle at the moniker hyper-calvinist when the …no comment…folks sling it at Evangelical Calvinists. But if Rudy Gray is one and his church is flirting with 6 figures in Lottie Moon/IMB giving… I am hoping to become HYPER-CALVINIST.
    In Christ Alone,
    Greg Bailey
    (Sandlapper in Exile)

  2. G. Price Says:

    God Bless You, Dr. Gray, and thank you for your leadership at Utica Baptist Church. I am, among many, most blessed that you are our teaching, preaching pastor. Love in Christ, Gracie

  3. Loyd and Mona Prewett Says:

    We appreciate your preaching and teaching. We need more men who will preach their convictions and not conform to this world. Thank you!

    Loyd and Mona

  4. Bobby C. Price Says:

    It is through God’s grace that we have the privilege to hear Dr. Gray teach God’s Word without compromise. PRAISE GOD !

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