FROM an Old Pastor to Young”know it all Pastors.”

Here are a few suggestions to young pastors on how you can encourage older ministers.

1.When we repeat ourseles…Act as if it was the first time you’ve heard the story.

2.Do not make jokes about people who wear depends.It’s not funny.(Also lose the little blue pill jokes)

3.Please provide a cup of water when we preach from your pulpit.We are on medication.

4.Don’t just invite us to speak at a Brotherhood breakfast  or an Easter sunrise service.We still remember how to preach on sunday morning.

5.When we are having a meal together..please be discreet in telling us that some food has dropped on our tie.(also,,pick up the tab.we will act as if we want to pay,but we don’t really mean it).

6.Include us in your conversations with younger pastors.If nothing else just say,”Isn’t that right pastor?”We will nod in the affirmative,though we have no idea what you are talking about.

7.Most of all.Remember this you little smart alecks.Yes,we are old..but WE’VE FORGOTTEN MORE ABOUT THE BIBLE THAN YOU KNOW ABOUT THE BIBLE!

PS.Please call and remind me about speaking at the Men’s brotherhood breakfast.Don’t call after 7.I’ll be in bed.I really enjoyed being with your people at the Easter sunrise service.The $10.00 check was very gracious.I purchased some heavy duty depends.

Bill,age 63 and still on my feet.

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4 Comments on “FROM an Old Pastor to Young”know it all Pastors.””

  1. pastorinthewoods Says:

    I was going to ask you to speak at our watchnight service but that might be a little late. Thanks for the laughs.


  2. This….is….classic! I love it.

  3. chadwick Says:


    Another good one!


  4. Rhett Says:

    Thanks for the advice. It was well taken.

    Rhett Kelley

    30 years old, wet behind the ears with 3 kids and one more due next month!

    P.S. send money for diapers, I’m not quite to the point of needing Depends -yet! 😀

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