Mormons…Satan and Jesus….Brothers

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6 Comments on “Mormons…Satan and Jesus….Brothers”

  1. The LDS do indeed believe that Jesus and Satan are brothers (or half-brothers). From this theological point of view, it makes the both of them equal. that means either Jesus has been relegated to the position of a creature or Satan has been placed in the position of a god. Either way this theological concept is entirely outside any Christian belief.

    Also the Mormons (LDS) believe that God the Father had relations with Mary and that she is His concubine, not His wife, of which He supposedly has many. It is also believed by the Mormons (LDS) that Jesus Himself has many wives; among them are Mary and Martha (the sisters of Lazarus) and Mary of Magdala (Mary Magdalene).

    There are many other teachings of the LDS that are not concistent with Christian belief. Ask a Mormon about the planet KOLOB, or about their three “heavens” (terestial, telestial & celestial). What about the ever changing and evolvong doctrines of the LDS?

    Maybe the next time Elders Jim and Tom come to your door you can ask them these questions, or more.

  2. Paul,
    That’s sick,but you are correct.Hardly anybody knows or believes the teachings of the Mormon cult.Our physician in N.C. was a devout Mormon and my wife and I benefited from his care and compassion.Sadly,no one.Mormons or Baptists can earn their way to heaven.
    A question that I ask when Mormons who come to my door is this:Is salvation a gift of God–plus nothing…minus nothing?Of course they do not believe that it is a gift..apart from works.I think it is a waste of time to discuss anything further.Recently I told two Mormons that I could not change their minds and they could not change mine so lets not waste our time.I admire their persistence and they should make terrific sales persons because of their tenacity.
    Many years ago our pianist in the church where I was the pastor was dating a Mormon.I counseled her on the dangers of dating and marrying a Mormon.She broke off the relationship.A year or so later she reconciled with the Mormon.when asked why…she replied..every Baptist I dated tried to get in my pants.

  3. Jay Says:

    I would like to write this article for those who may stumble upon this site and be mislead about mormons. It is funny how people pick bits and pieces of the church and twist and turn them into false statements or rumors. It will be never ending, it gets passed from person to person. The most important thing to ask yourself is…Why is the mormon church the only church that people spend so much time trying to refute. Was it not the same when Christ came to this earth and oh how the Jews hated him, oh how people despised him, why?… because he was truth, he was pure, and he was salvation. Is it not obvious where Satan spends his time in these days, he turns all his efforts against the mormon church, not the catholics, protestants or baptists, but the mormons why?…Truth, purity, and salvation! The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is the restored church of our lord and savior.

  4. Jay Says:

    Oh and by the way, the comments made in the first article are those things passed from person to person and are false. But you would have to go to church to find that out for yourself.

  5. Three questions for Mormons and other “false”cults.
    1.Who is Jesus Christ?
    2.What did He do?(Accomplish on the cross)
    3.Is eternal salvation a gift of God..minus nothing…plus nothing?

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