Interesting Incidents in the life of Charles Spurgeon

W.Y Fullerton..see

When Mr.Spurgeon went,years ago,to preach for Dr.Clifford,whose church was then at Praed Street,he said in the vestry before the service,”i cannot imagine,Clifford,why you do not come to my way of thinking,”referring to his Calvinistic views.“Well,”answered John Clifford,”you see,Mr.Spurgeon,I only see you about once a month,but I read my Bible every day.”

Spurgeon had a rooted objection to instrumental music in the worship of God.But he came at length to tolerate an American organ im mission services.Once when asked his opinion of a grand organ,he answered,”Yes,it praises its maker very well.”He also disliked choirs and detested anthems.After a special music performance he was told that one of the pieces was suposed to have been sung by David.“Then I know why Saul threw his javelin at him,”he replied,much to the chagrin of the choirmaster.

Another year,depressed and ill,he had reached his hotel in Marseilles,and asked for a fire to help him to bear his pain,about which he once wrote:”Lucian says,‘I thought a cobra had bitten me and filled my veins with poison;but it was worse,it was gout.’That was written from experience,I know.”When the porter came to light the fire he brought vine branches to kindle it,and Spurgeon simply called out in agony,as he thought of the destiny of fruitless branches of the Vine,good for no work,only fit to be burned.

A minister once put a case to him.There was a hearer who objected so much to the gospel he preached,that though for the look of the thing he attended church,when the sermon began he put a finger in each ear so that he could not hear.He asked Spurgeon what he would do in a case like that.“Why,”he said without hesitation,”I would pray that a fly might light on his nose.”

Once he was asked where the devil is in this age.“Time enough to ask the question,”he answered,
when we miss him.”

(From a sermon,Eccentric Preachers).Ministers are the favorite prey of critics,and on Sundays,when they think it right to talk religion,they keep the rule to the letter,but violate its sense by most irreligiously overhauling the persons,characters,sayings and doings of God’s servants.“Dinner is over.Bring the walnuts,and let us crack the reputation of a preacher or two.It is a pious exercise for the Sabbath.”Then tongues move with abounding clatter;tales are told without number,and when the truth has been exhausted a few “inventions “are exhibited.One saw a preacher do what was never done,and another heard him say what was never said.Old fictions are brought up and declared to have happened a few days ago,though they never happened at all,and so the good people hallow the Sabbath with pious gossip and sanctimonious slander.

The men of this world still depricate the Ministers whom God sends them and profess that they would gladly listen if different preachers could be found.Nothing can please them,their cavils are dealt out with heedless universaility,Cephas is too blunt,Apollos is too flowery,Paul is too argumenatative.Timothy is too young,James is too severe,John is too gentle.Neverthelss,wisdom is justified of all her children.At this time,when God raises up a man of original mind who strikes out a course for himself and follows it with success,it is usual to charge him with being eccentric.If his honesty may not be suspected,nor his zeal questioned,nor his power denied,sneer at him and call him eccentric,and it may be the arrow will wound.

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