Spurgeon:Who is Harrald??Spurgeon’s Armorbearer.

In a sermon,”By my Spirit,”Dr.Clarence Sexton shares an interesting story of Spurgeon’s secretary((The Eagle Publication,Dec.2007).

Charles Spurgeon was preaching in a meeting where they were trying to record his message for printing.The man who was to take it down didn’t show up.When Mr.Spurgeon had finished preaching,he was sorely disappointed because it seemed that all was wasted.

Someone saw his sorrow and said,”But Harrald is here.”

“Harrald?Who is Harrald?”Spurgeon asked.

“William Joseph Harrald never misses a word when you preach.He writes it all down!”They introduced Mr.Spurgeon to Mr.Harrald,and,sure enough,he had taken down every word.

They became fast friends.Mr.Spurgeon said,I need a secretary to stand by my side.”Mr.Harrald,even with a young family,decided he would give his life to helping Mr.Spurgeon.

There is not a bookstore in the world where you can’t find a book by Charles Spurgeon.If all his works were placed side by side there would be more volumes than the Encyclopedia Britannica.

Few people know of a little,humble man,whose wife died after he started working with Spurgeon and he had the responsibility of his family all by himself.Even Mrs.Spurgeon took the youngest into her home for a while to try to help.

Spurgeon would say to Harrald,“Im preaching on Jeremiah.I want you to find everything in my library about Jeremiah and lay it out on the table for me.Save me time,will you Harrald!”Mr.Harrald would go into Mr.Spurgeon’s 12,000 volume library,find everything on Jeremiah,and lay it out on the table.Mr.Spurgeon would go around the table,read everything,and then go off to the Tabernacle,and preach his mighty sermon on Jeremiah.

Mr.Spurgeon said,”My hand is so bruised and swollen that I can’t do anything with it.Harrald,can you write these letters for me?”Some weeks Harrald wrote more than 500 letters for Mr.Spurgeon.He was with Charles Spurgeon when he died in Mentone,France,On Janurary 31,1892.All the Christian world knows of Charles Haddon Spurgeon,but I dare say at the Bema Seat,Mr Spurgeon will make way for William Joseph Harrald to come up because he knew not to despise small things.

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2 Comments on “Spurgeon:Who is Harrald??Spurgeon’s Armorbearer.”

  1. What an awesome post!! I’ve been reading Spurgeon for several years, and did not know this. You make a great point about the Bema Seat, as well. I’m glad I read this.

  2. burtledog Says:

    I have heard that Harrald had much to do with Spurgeon’s fame. MacArthur said that he had found that Spurgeon’s sermons were taken down by the secretary during delivery and then edited by he and Harrald before being telegraphed to the States and set for printing. What we read in the many books of and based on sermons were possible and contributed too largely by this Shield bearer.

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