The Painfulness of Preaching…Preparing…Delivering the Message

Warren Wiersbe has rightly said,”Sermon preparation does not become eaiser just because you have been in the ministry for a long time.It is always difficult.”

Speaking to the Angel (pastor)at the church of Ephesus,our Lord said,”I know thy works and thy labor..Rev.2:2b

James Durham in his commentary on Rev. writes..Their labor…The labor which is properly applied to Ministers in the Ministerial work.It’s that word,1.Tim.5:17,Let the Elders that rule well be counted worthy of double honor,especially these who labor in the Word and Doctrine…..1.Thess.5:12..Know them which labor among you,and are over you in the Lord;and it is a word that sets out the great carefulness and painfuless of the Ministry:and being spoken to the Angels(pastors),the meaning is,I know thy painfulness and care in the work of the Ministry committed to thee,especially thy painfulness in Preaching,although proportionably we are to look upon Christ’s taking notice of, and approving the carriage of the several members of this Church in reference to their duty.

Sermon preparation and preaching is indeed a painful and joyful experience.

Studying has the idea of‘ “gutting it out.”The pain of preparation…prayer,word studies,the outline,illustrations,conclusions..It can be overwhelming.

The pain of delivering the message…W are never satisfied.We vow to ourselves to do better next sunday.

The pain of being mis-understood or worse,being mis-quoted…tape all of your sermons.

The pain when you notice that the folks in the pew appear to have glazed eyes in the middle of your sermon..or the beginning of your sermon

And the list goes on.A word of encouragement..Our Sovereign Lord holds His messengers in his right hand.May we prepare and preach to please Him.

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12 Comments on “The Painfulness of Preaching…Preparing…Delivering the Message”

  1. Quinn Hooks Says:

    or the pain of watching people yawn…
    or the pain of seeing people counting light bulbs and ceiling tiles…

  2. Quinn,
    I feel your pain bro.

  3. burtledog Says:

    I heard a talk between Mark Dever and John MacArthur (it is on the 9 Marks site). Mac says the only way he really keeps going and keeps passionate is that what he studies directly talks to him. If the study didn’t convict him most of the time and compel his own growth it would be dry and awful… I took the negative side of what he said. He was able to say it very positively. Then again, if you listen to the talk, you will probably think I am a post modern.

  4. Have you all noticed it’s possible to “over study”? May sound weird, but I’ve had some sermons that I actually studied too much for, and left the spirit out of it. I guess there has to be a healthy balance of study and prayer that goes into messages. Anyway, thanks for this thread. I enjoyed it!

  5. Quinn Hooks Says:

    🙂 Thx, Bill…

    Hey, you know your sermon is really in trouble if…

    1. You are the one yawning.
    2. You start counting the light bulbs and ceiling tiles!


  6. David,
    I’ve done that.And then there are times when I’ve hardly studied at all and folks would say,”that was a great sermon.”

  7. Quinn,
    One time Chadwick went to sleep while he was preaching on a sunday morning.

  8. pastorinthewoods Says:

    When you get frustrated with your studies, just write down one word in the margin and yell alot. You will be surprised at the response. Right Hotttub?! I was recently told by a church member, “now that you have that doctorate, I look forward to when you stop teaching and start preaching a little.” As much as I roll that in my mind, I have no idea what that means. I guess I will never be a prominent revival speaker.

  9. Quinn Hooks Says:

    I think it is possible to be over-prepared and overwhelmed. I had a friend tell me one time that his goal was not to preach a good sermon but to preach a sermon that would do good.

  10. Greg Says:

    Do you find your people are more impressed by style or substance? How do they intersect? Do you think your folks are largely regenerate? What does that seem to have to do with your percieved success? You don’t have to answer that regeneration one if your folks know your blogs.

  11. Greg Says:

    OH. How do you preach? Topically? Expositionally by book or what size of scripture?

  12. Regardless of how,one important thing to remember is Context…Context…Context.

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