Body Count Evangelism.Southern Baptist have more members than People??

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5 Comments on “Body Count Evangelism.Southern Baptist have more members than People??”

  1. Steve Says:

    Interesting article Bill. I’ll be careful about reporting my 20,000 converts at the next event.

  2. Steve,
    If believers were commanded to be ‘circumcised’ (a sign,covenant)instead of baptised,would there be as many Re-circumcisions (ouch)as Re-baptisims?Should SB Churches count those who have been baptised multiple times on their annual reports?Many of our churche have more baptisims than they have members.The folks at the Baptist Building give a wink and a nod..and sometimes an award and print the results in the Annual book of reports.

  3. pastorinthewoods Says:


    Maybe the “wave” washes them away before they can become devoted followers of Christ. You sound like maybe we should add Tazing as the sign of the second profession. Then we would hear, ” I believe in Jesus but don’t taze me bro…” Trust mne you don’t want any part of the tazer.

    I have looked at Census reports alongside associational reports and have seen SBC churches reporting more members than the entire area where the census had been conducted. I am afraid what we are doing is swapping goldfish from one bowl to another while we neglect the Great Commission that tells us to be fishers of men.

  4. burtledog Says:

    I couldn’t read the whole article. It is saddening, maddening and makes me want to lean over a trash can. It is hard to keep a benevolent attitude to the man.

  5. Greg Says:

    Hey Dwight:
    The problem with the wave is that it ebbs and flows and only seems to move sand from one place on the coast to another, it never really builds anything. Ask those folks on the Isle of Palms.

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