Revelation3:20 And The Sovereignty Of God…

Two popular interpretations of Rev3:20 are well known:

1.Christ standing at the door of the Church inviting fellowship.

2.Christ inviting sinners of their own free will to open their hearts and let Him come in.

W.Hendriksen,author of More than conquerors offers a third view.

3.The Sovereign grace interpretation.

“Behold,I am standing against the door and I am knocking” Notice:The Lord,as it were,is pressing against the door that it may be opened.Not only that—but as is evident from the next clause—He not only knocks again and again—but He also calls the sinner.Notice:”If any man hears my voice….”This is often forgotten.It is not the person who is who is INSIDE who takes the initative.No,this text is completely in harmony with the entire Bible in its teaching concerning sovereign grace.

It is the Lord who is standing at,nay,against the door….No one has called Him—–;it is He who is knocking,not once but again and again:It is He who is calling,and this voice of the Lord in the Gospel is applied to the heart by the Spirit is the power of God unto salvation!Hence,we find that this passage does full justice both to divine,sovereign grace and to human responsibility.

“If any man hear my voice and open the door,I will come in to him,and will sup with him,and he with me.”Notice:“If any one…”The Lord addresses himself to individuals.Salvation is a very personal matter.

“hear my voice and open the door.”When the heart has been opened by the voice of the Lord,this principle of REGENARTION  now becomes active so that, by the power of the Holy Spirit,the regenerated individual opens the door and receives Christ.This opening of the door is what is generally called conversion.DO NOT CONFUSE REGENERATION,JOHN 3:3ff;ACTS 16:14,AND CONVERSION.

Here,in the expression,”If any man opens the door,”the reference is to conversion,to repentance and faith in Christ,as the context clearly indicates.The Lord enters,John 14:23.

foot note(It is clear,of course,that man——-not God—–is represented as opening the door.Man repents.The opening of the door,accordingly refers to conversion,and cannot refer toregeneration,which is entirely God’s work.In conversion man takes an active part.

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