The Pastor…Super Star or Shining Star?Rev1:16,20;2:1

James Durham died when he was only thirty six years old.He was born in 1622.He was highly esteemed throughout the church,by men of all parties.Spurgeon said this about Durham’s commentary upon the Book of Revelation,”After all that has been written,it would not be easy to find a more sensible and instructive work that this old-fashioned exposition.We cannot accept its interpretations of the mysteries,but the mystery of the gospel fills it with sweet savour.”(page 3,Commentary on Rev.,James Durham,Old Paths Publication).

Rev.1:16,20;2:1.The seven Stars,are the Angels(messengers)of the seven churches,that is,the seven Stars signify,mean,and represent the Angels,or Ministers,or Officers of the seven Churches.

Ministers are called Angels,

1.For God’s empolying them about His holy things,beyond others.

2.Because of that their sanctified station:to put them in mind,that they should be in their conversation,Angelical.

3.To make them to be received as Angels(messengers)by others:that is the dignity due to them.

Ministers are called Stars,for these reasons,

1.To signify and point out the eminence and dignity of the Office,that it is a glorious and shining Office.

2.To point out what is the special end of this Office;It is to give Light:as the use of stars is,to give light to the world;so it’s Minister’s main employment,to shine and give light to others;to make the world which is a dark night,to be lightsome.In which sense,Matt.5:14.It is said,they are the light of the world.

3.It is to signify,that they are but subservient lights:Our Lord Jesus Christ is the Sun Of Righteousness,that Light,that great Light;and Ministers are lesser Lights.

4,It is to point out the way how Ministers become lightsome.Stars receive their light from the Sun,and by virtue of that borrowed light are made lightsome;so Ministers,are made lightsome,and shine to give others light,by virtue of the light that they receive from Christ.They are lights,but their Light is Star light,a borrowed light.they have no light,but what they receive from Him.

The seven golden Candlesticks,are the seven churches.The CHURCHES ARE CALLED CANDLESTICKS,FOR THESE REASONS,

1.Because the Candlestick is that which properly the “light”is set into:and it’s fitted for receiving of light,though it have none of its own;so the visible Church,is that wherein Christ Jesus sets His lights,1.Cor.12:28.God hath set some in the Church,first Apostles,secondly Prophets,etc.The Church is,as it were,the Candlestick to the Candle,the proper seat of the Apostles,Prophets and Ministers after them.

2.Though the Candlestick give no light;yet it makes the light set on it to be the more useful to others,as Matt.5:14,Ye are the light of the world:a city set on a hill cannot be hid:neither do men light a candle to put it under a bushel,but on a Candlestick,that it may give light to all that are in the house.So Ministers are set in the Church;and their setting in the Church,is the way whereby God preserves light,ordinarily,and makes it shine.And so,the excellent comely order of the visible Church,manifests in this,that it is like a City set on a hill.And hence the Church is called a pillar and ground of the truth.1.Tim3:15.The light of the Truth being set in the Church,as on a pillar to make it manifest the the more,and be seen the further,that others may fall in love with it.

And laying both these together,the Ministers being lights,and the Churches Candlesticks,it holds out a near and blood relation between Ministers and People,as if the People were dark without Ministers;and the Ministers would not shine far,nor be useful,if they had not Churches to bear them up.

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