Pastor Search Committees Only Interested In Pastors Who do not Want to move

My favorite Pulpit Committee story is this:A search committee seated in the church was asked by a member,”Are you a pulpit committee?”When they answered in the affirmative,the church member replied,”We hope you get him.”

Then a few years ago a young pastor friend preached for a search committee in the church where I served as pastor.When he met with them after church,the first question to the young man was,”What is the least amount of money you would come for?

Of course there was the search committee that talked with me in the parsonage one Sunday Morning after churchTheir first question was,”What do you think of divorced people?”Without any hesitation I said,”I love them.”Furthermore if my wife ever leaves me,I will probably re-marry.It didn’t take them long to find the door and exit back to their church.

Recently I asked a Pastor friend if his home church had called a pastor.”Yes,he replied,”they called a man who was not interested in moving.

The commitee had decided that they would hear different men,but they would only seriously deal with a man who did not want to move.

I got to thinking about that kind of reasoning.

What if a Pastor sensed that It was God’s will that he move and shared that fact with the Committee?Yet they discerned that he’s the wrong man because he is ready to move.If he had indicated that he was not wanting to move….then he would have been their man in their absurb way of thinking.

And if a man declares that he is not willing to leave at this time,but after a  difficult deacon’s meeting in a month or so calls the committee and changes his mind….the committee triumphly declares,”He’s our man because at first he didn’t want to move but now he does.Our prayers have been answered.

Now we only have to ask him,”What’s the least amount of money you will come for?”

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5 Comments on “Pastor Search Committees Only Interested In Pastors Who do not Want to move”

  1. pastorinthewoods Says:

    Here are my top 3 I have been asked by an ordination committee and by a search committee.

    1. (Ordination)- Will you be one of those preachers that will not wear a tie on Wednesday nights? Since then I have never reached for a tie on Wed. unless it was for a funeral.

    2. ( search committee) – If our church stopped giving would you consider cutting the CP to pay the light bill?

    3. What do you think of these liberal Sunday School books that are not using the KJV? I am currently using one of those liberal Sunday School books.

    My all time favorite quote on an ordination council that I was ask to be on: The chairman as he opened the discussion said,

    ” We are not going to discuss doctrinal issues today. We are a middle of the road church and we do not get involved in theological discussions.” What?!?!?!

  2. The all time favorite of most committees is,”We just want someone to love us.”Of course the implication is,the last pastor did not love us.Some member had a root canal and the pastor failed to visit or mention from the pulpit about the root canal.

  3. A committee from a church in North Carolina once told me that they expected my wife to go with me on my visits to homes and hospitals. At that point, I knew that church and I would not be a good match for each other. As we got into the car, my wife asked me, “So are they going to babysit our four children every day while I go visiting with you?” We got a good laugh, pulled out of the parking lot, and never went back.

  4. Here is another gem that committees are prone to ask:What would you do if a black man and a white woman came to you and wanted you to perform their wedding?

  5. Greg Says:

    Counsel with them and determine if they were believers who were prepared for marriage or set up further counseling to help them get there and marry them or not based on that process. God doesn’t put couples together based on my preferences and prejudices.

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