What Jesus Taught about His Second Coming Versus C.I Scofield.

When I was 21 I attended and later graduated from Tennessee Temple Bible College in Chatt.Tenn.I was required not onlt to have short hair but to sign a paper declaring that I believed in the Pre-trib-Pre-mill view of the rapture.Not knowing what that meant I signed the paper in fundametalist obedience and stupidity.

By the grace of God years later I learned what the Bible teaches about Christ’s coming again and repudiated Scofield and Temple’s mis-guided doctrine.Unfortunately it is too late to sue Tenn. Temple for a lack of education.

Jesus taught the truth of His second coming in the Parables.

Consider the parable of the Wheat and tares in Matt13:24-30,36-43 and 47-50.

Here the gospel age closes with His second coming.

1.In the kingdom,the wheat and tares grow together till the harvest at the end of the world.

2.Then the seperation is to take place.

3.All the children of the wicked one(tares),are eliminated from the scene.

4.At the same time as doom comes upon the wicked,glory comes to the righteous.v.43.WJ Grier writes,’This leaves no room for an earthly millennium.The present kingdom of the Son of man is followed by the eternal kingdom of the Father(as in 1Cor15:24,25).The wicked and righteous are together till harvest,and then there is complete and final seperation.The end of this Gospel age brings to the wicked immediate and everlasting woe,and to the righteous everlasting glory.

Scofield avoids this conclusion by the following comment:The gathering of the tares into bundles for burning does not imply immediate judgement,At the end of the age the tares are set apart for burning.Compare what Scofield said with what Jesus said,”As therefore the tares are gathered and burned in the fire;so shall it be in the end of the world”.Matt13:40-42).

WJ Grier asks the question,”Why is Scofield so anxious to keep the tares from the fire into which the Saviour represents them as cast?the answer is,that after the harvest at the end of the age the Scofield Notes teach that there is to be a millenial age,in which hosts of unregenerate people will be under the sway of Christ and His saints.

The Saviour,however,asserts that there will be no unregenerate people to reign over,as at the end of this gospel age the wicked will be cast into the furnance of fire(verses49,50).

It is a very silly and unwarrantable proposition on the part of  the Scofield Notes that the tares are kept in the bundles for a thousand years….before the burning.

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