The Dangers of an Unconverted Ministry:Puritan,Gilbert Tennet

Gilbert Tennet was a friend and ally of George Whitefield.Tennet was a firey speaker who lived in Philadelphia in 1739.

In New Brunswick,Tennet preached a sermon at a church in Nottingham,located amid the rolling hills,woods,and farms of Maryland.The church was seeking a new minister.

Tennet dispensed with the traditional white wig and let his hair down.He wrapped himself in a great coat and tied it with a belt,as if it were the girdle of John the Baptist.And at Nottingham he preached with John like urgency on”The Dangers of an Unconverted Ministry.”The sermon became Tennet’s claim to fame-and infamy,especially for calling fellow clergy not just“natural men”,versus spiritual,but “hypocritical Varlets”‘who sedated entire congretations.

They comfort people,before they convince them;sow before they plow;are busy in raising a Fabrick,before they lay a Foundation.

These fooling Builders do but strengthen Men’s carnal security,by their soft,selfish,cowardly Discources.They have not the Courage,or honesty,to thrust the Nail of Terror into sleeping souls……Poor Christians are stunted and starv’d,who are put to feed on such bare Pastures,and such dry Nurses…..O! it is ready to break their very hearts with grief,to see how lukewaarm those Pharisee—-teachers are in their public discources,while sinners are sinking into Damnation,in Multitudes!

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6 Comments on “The Dangers of an Unconverted Ministry:Puritan,Gilbert Tennet”

  1. Greg Says:

    Hey Bill:
    I don’t like to question the conversion of a particular minister, but when you read stuff like this it sounds like 98% of TBN and most TV preachers we see, even those with good bloodlines. We don’t tell folks they need a rebirth, but just a minor adjustment. Take on all your human wants and just add JESUS to it. He wants you to be healthy and wealthy.
    Grace Alone,

  2. hwunch Says:

    Bah, who cares about those old guys. Have you read, “Your Best Life Now”? There is a read. 😀

  3. Greg Says:

    Yes, it is in my crusty, wicked heart. I want my best life and it surely isn’t here. I don’t think Jesus told us to do it here either…something about moths and rust and criminals.

  4. paul lee Says:

    I hope to read it, but I can’t find ‘The Dangers of an Unconverted Ministry:Puritan,Gilbert Tennet’. Would you please do me a faver how I could get his text.

  5. Thanks. I’ve been looking for the sermon, too, and was led to your blog. Appreciate the link.

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