Run for your Life..”The Calvinists are Coming!”Hide Behind Scofield Bible!!!!

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12 Comments on “Run for your Life..”The Calvinists are Coming!”Hide Behind Scofield Bible!!!!”

  1. pastorinthewoods Says:

    Why is this story so troubling?

    1. They mention the “Building Bridges Conference” as necessary as if the SBC is dealing with pastors who are members of Hamas. Calvinist pastors started the SBC and its seminaries. I think we need a church history conference.

    2. While studies show that Calvinist pastors are “slightly” more evangelistic, however what is mentioned first is that they pastor churches that are smaller and baptize fewer. This is a classic case of bad press. Let’s taint the results before we tell teh truth.

  2. Greg Says:

    You can listen to the presentations through lifeway and SEBTS websites. Referring to #2, that is not the way the Stetzer presented it. You can listen to his little report and see his info at his site. Stetzer may not be a 5 Pointer, but he is most definitely mor Christ centered than 90% of the SBC pastors and convention employees and in what I have heard him say, very 9 Markish about church (not the ministry, but the ideas). And Joked with Aiken about Premill dispensationalism (Hey Danny, you still don’t believe in that pre mill rapture do you?…OH, we’ll keep working on that!)
    The writer may not be without agenda.

  3. pastorinthewoods Says:

    O there is an agenda.

    People may claim to be 5 point calvinist but I don’t see many pastors in the SBC going Presby. Having a reformed view of salvation does not mean someone follows all of John Calvin’s teaching. I do not baptize infants, hold to an amil position, or agree with much of the covenant theology. What is happening in the SBC is a return to the theology of salvation that was present at our earliest beginnings.

    My PCA brother in law is truly reformed. I wish the Calvinist bashing crowd could spend a little time with him. They would tone down the rhetoric about SBC pastors.

  4. Greg Says:

    Yarnell was particularly…well, he took one fact and blew it over gazillions of people. I am a 5 Pointer, believe myself to be a covenental credo-baptist. I take both via the Biblical arguments. Many non-Calvinists don’t really seem to want to understand what is the practice, they take a few negatives (Landmarkism which my evangelical semi-Calvinistic church history prof found some good in) and say “there is the danger.” I have yet to hear any of the pro-Calvinistic guys say, “look, Arminianism leads to either liberalism (say Moody and Elliot and the whole UMC) or legalism (say BJU stereotypes).

  5. Greg Says:

    Well, let us thank God for David Nelson. Great guy as a student. Apparently a good prof/administrator. Exactly what Yarnell wasn’t. He and Sam Waldron did well and had a great tone. Having met both, I think each would have attempted it, but David set it. I love that David set the agreements that the whole gospel is disappearing from our pulpits, churches and hearts and that our churches are anemic.

  6. I do not finf infant baptism in the T-U-L-I-P.
    The Pastor in the woods,in his “scathing” rebuke of hottub’s humble comments found in necessary to attack in a gentle way…the A-mill theory held by the Reformers.
    Evidently the P.I.T.W’S holds to the Pre-Mill theory held by NOBTS and the Jehovah’s witnesses.PINTEWS is a recent graduate of NEBTS(D.min).
    To hold to the Pre-Mill doctrine,one must believe in multiple resurrections
    The common New Testament teaching which hottub holds onto like a “pit bull”,does not give us two,three,or even four resurrections.The New Testament speaks again and again of the resurrection of just and unjust in one breath.It speaks of the Lord’s coming bringing blessing to His own,and at the very same time’destruction’to the ungodly.The Saviour Himself taught the resurrection of His people at ‘the last day'(John6:39,40,44,54;John11:24),at the very’last day ‘on which judgement will come upon the wicked(John12:48).
    Come home,Dwight…Come home…back to your Reformation roots.
    His servant and yours,

  7. Greg Says:

    Bill and Dwight and anyone else:
    How many Classical or Hyper Calvinistic SBCers do you know? I dont’ know that I have met one of either category. I know Presbyterians who I respect who are the former, but I know none of the latter in any camp. Yarnell is continueing to kick a dog that isn’t there as does Caner.
    Grace alone,

  8. pastorinthewoods Says:

    That is the point Greg.

    Having a reformed view of salvation does not mean you are following all of Calvin’s doctrinal teachings. I feel like the term Calvinism as defined by Southern Baptist is somewhat distorted. more later on this. If I am wrong I will gladly recant.

    By the way hottub. I do not define eschatology by what school I have attended.

  9. Pastor in the woods,
    I perceive that you have a lot of “unresolved”anger.

  10. Bill Poore Says:

    Santa is going to bring Dwight two excellent books on the Doctrines of Grace..The Old Testament and the New Testament.
    As a matter of fact that is all Dwight Moody Easler is getting for Christmas.
    Dwight now has a D.min Degree.i first knew him when he moved to Wake Forest to attend SEBTS.He moved into a trailor park near our church,Good Hope Baptist.He rented from one of our dear members.Dwight,newly married, had two vicious dogs(that he was not supposed to have)and they kept getting out of the pen and terrorizing the neighborhood.I still carry scars on my body from the time I visited Dwight and invited him to our church.He and his wife joined and proved to be a blessing,but continued to be a thorn in the side of his godly landlady.

  11. pastorinthewoods Says:

    Chadwick, I totally agree. That is the argument that I give my brother-in-law. However, my point is that they follow strictly the theology of Calvin which never completely broke away from Catholic tradition. How can a person call someone a Hyper-Calvinist who is a Southern Baptist? No Southern Baptist I know would be accepted by a Presbitary as an ordained minister.

    I will define Calvinism according to the “Evangelical Dictionary of Theology” on my site today. While it is not without limitations this dictionary is has a brief description of Calvinism that is very helpful.

    I only have 1 of those vicious dogs left and she now has only 3 legs. SHe had cancer probably from eating poison from some of my neighbors in seminary and we had to remove her leg. I take the proverb very seriously that speaks of a righteouss man caring for his animals therefore I am running a doggy nursing home now. I only wish that I could have cared for “little Jimmy” he put up with such scorn for so many years because of his moral failures.

    I speak in love with no anger. My heart is as pure as the driven snow.

  12. Greg Says:

    For our purposes should we define Calvinism as Dort soteriology. And we can define other issues seperately?

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