“Immanuel,God with Us.”Christmas at King James’s Court

Lancelot Andrews was a biblical scholar.An arm of the royal state.Andrews also was the greatest preacher and linguist of his day.His sermon style came to be called metaphysical,for its rich play on language.He dissected words,rhymed them,and built entire sermons on a syllable.

One Christmas season at King James’s court,Andrews displayed the verve of this witty oratory.He preached on the birth of Jesus.

For if this child be Immanuel,God with us,”then without this child,this Immanuel,we be without God.”Without Him in this world,”(Eph.2:12),saith the Apostle;and if without Him in this,without Him in the next;and if without Him there—if it be not Immanu-el,it will be Immanu-hell;and that and no other place will fall,I fear me to our share.Without Him,this we are,What with Him?Why,if we have Him,and God by Him,we need no more;Immanu-el and Immanu-all.

(Page13,A City Upon a Hill,How sermons changed the course of A merican history).

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