Dr.Jeff Riddle Reviews Kendall’s book:”In Pursuit of His Glory.”


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3 Comments on “Dr.Jeff Riddle Reviews Kendall’s book:”In Pursuit of His Glory.””

  1. pastorinthewoods Says:

    Yet another sad tale of throwing theology out for the sake of a pragmatic philosophy.

  2. Quinn Hooks Says:

    Such a tragic tale full of foreshadowing for some of our own churches here on this side of the “pond.” BTW, I love the hot tub header you have up there today. 🙂

  3. burtledog Says:

    We are way past them already.
    We recently were looking for an interim pastor. We had a good older brother who had been a pastor, intinerant evangelist and church planter in the UK for a while. When he praised Kendall for having an invitation and growing Westminster bigger than the Dr. had, I knew I could never support him. Nice guy, stayed reasonably orthodox while at SBTS 50 years ago. Was on the board that hired Mohler. Helped start the a conservative convention in a liberal state, but he showed a woeful lack of Gospel discernment.
    90% of American evangelicals are no better than this well meaning but decieved brother.
    Grace alone,

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