The Sky is Falling!!The Sky is Falling!!Danny Burnley:Baptist Building Sounds Alarm!

We fondly remember the Fairy Tale of Chicken Little who thought that because she was hit on the head by something,that it must be a piece of the sky,and therefore the sky must be falling.

Many,hearing her cries,went right into panic mode!After all,she must know what she’s talking about!But the story turns out to have a very different ending.

The sky was not falling and maybe,Chicken Little learned a lesson to do her homework,and get the facts before rushing and making claims which were unfounded.

If you attended the SCBS Arminian Pastors Conference,you heard Danny Burnley in so many words cry,“The sky is falling!The sky is falling!It is falling for sure on Tuesday!In between inspiring sermons there was a dark,mysterous cloud that appeared.One would have thought that the SCBSC was about to vote on becoming a Roman Catholic Convention.The appeal for unity,peace and concord was made many times.Folks were looking at each other and saying,”Whatsup?

A last desperate attempt to emphasize how there must be no dissent on Tuesday was quiet embarrasing.Danny Burnley had Tom Tucker to come on stage.Burnley “used”Tom as a word picture for a lesson on unity.I believe that Tom was caught off gaurd.Tom is a man of integrity,honesty and openness and deserves better than to be used as an “object lesson.”

It is clear to me that what Burnley,The Baptist Building Men and significant others fear is Baptists who dare to dissent on anything that may not be acceptable to the well oiled machine.In South Carolina if you dare to resist the “good old boy”philosophy you are branded as a “resister.”My dear brothers,when you try to squelch resistence,you threaten the very existence of the resisters.While it may be tempting to believe that battles have been won when resistence is gone,it is the give and take and interacting openly and with mutual respect that we become more mature and established in our mutual endeavors.

And what was the threatening doom of our convention on Tuesday?

1.The awful threat of the Winstead amendment passing on the convention floor?

2.Was it because the bloggers forced the Baptist Building to explain and give exact details about nearly 30 million dollars in a reserve fund?

Did the Baptist Building Boys think that the sky would fall if Eddie”football star” was not elected as President.

You need not fear that a worthy pastor such as Richard Porter could be elected.The Conservative Caucus decided after Horace Simms was elected President that they would see to it that no pastor of a small church would ever be elected again.Richard Porter is pastor of a small church and was never a foot ball star.I’m glad that the Conservative Caucus did not have a chance to elect the original Disciples.None of the original 12 would have made it.Well.maybe Matthew)

The Baptist Building and The Conservative Caucus and friends did have one set back.They thought surely the sky would fall if Jim Oliver was not elected as First vice President.Well,he was not and the sky did not fall.As a matter of fact the heavens opened up and a dark horse candidate was elected.The Conservative Caucus understands what a dark horse candidate is.When the caucus members and others who were on the search committee to replace Dr.Driggers could not agree ,the caucus had to vote for a dark horse candidate,a third choice,Jim Austin,recommended by Johnny Hunt.

No, the sky did not fall in Florence.The amazing thing is this…Four bloggers…three pastor small churches and one a mid size church set the pace for Florence.And we are not going away.I’ve been threatened with law suits and warned that I would never be chosen to serve on any committee.I only wish that you folks who cry,”the sky is falling!”knew the liberty and freedom there is when you are not climbing the denominational ladder.”I know some who are high on the ladder…I’m not impressed.

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9 Comments on “The Sky is Falling!!The Sky is Falling!!Danny Burnley:Baptist Building Sounds Alarm!”

  1. pastorinthewoods Says:

    As I read this awe inspiring blog I was reminded of the movie Patton. I imagined you dressed in a silver helmet and hip boots behind a gigantic American Flag. All that was missing was the line about the “commie SOB’s.”

    The Sky didn’t fall in Florence and neither did anything of the Spiritual nature. God Help Us.

  2. hwunch Says:

    I have to admit, large chunks of the convention were less than inspiring. Some down right boring. There is one thing I took away from the convention and that was a sense of selfishness that seemed to prevail. Who would have ever thought in the first state convention wherein resides the first church of a convention that has had its life blood in missions, that would would not seek to step out on faith and back missions more, but rather “if I could, I would keep 90% in SC and send 10% to the national”, implying a mere $.05 (nickle) on the dollar for international missions.

  3. Les Puryear Says:

    I’ve heard you guys in South Carolina refer to a “Conservative Caucus.” Would you mind explaining to we who are in other states exactly what is this “Conservative Caucus”?



  4. pastorinthewoods Says:

    if i recall correctly the 90% comment recieved the biggest applause. that was disturbing

    bp, patton was and is my favorite war film. i didn’t mean that in a deragatory manner.

    keep fitin’ the “commies”!

  5. Les,
    The conservative caucus is a group of self appointed” men who are still living in the 80’s.They fancy themseves to be clones of Patterson and Presller.They serve as a non-elected Exceutive Committee.Operating much like the Masonic lodge,business is conducted clandestinely and furtively.
    The CC decides who will serve as President and Vice President of the SCBS Convention.Knowing that the President has the power to nominate the Committee on committees,this will assure them that they can get their puppets on the right boards and comittees.
    In my humble,but correct opinion, it is a “control issue.
    The CC is located inThe North Spartanburg Church,an Arminian and Rick Warren Baptist church.Senior Pastor Mike Hamlett((aka Paige Patterson)and his “hatchet man”Big Al Phillips”(aka Paul Pressler)are the architects of the CC.
    In short the leaders of the CC are Patterson and Pressler”wanna bes”and it would be funny if it wers not so nauseating.
    I am Bill Poore…branded as a dissenter and non-conformist by the CC…..a badge that I wear with honor.

  6. Dr. Todd Morris Says:

    Thank you for your kind words about Tom Tucker. They weren’t the same words you used to describe him when he was a candidate for President of the SCBC. I still have a copy of that article.

  7. I also have a copy of that article and I stand by it.The facts speak for themseves.Tom was my friend then and now.

  8. Bill:
    I often disagree with you, but always respect your passion and convictions. I am concerned that many times you are interpreted at “hateful.” I don’t think that you are, but at times that impression comes across. That is why many to agree with you on many things hesitate to say so.

    Can there be a working relationship between those who are strong in their Calvinist convictions, and those who are not? I know that you will disagree, but I really do believe that there is such a thing as a “modified Calvinist.” I even believe that is the Biblical position. That said, I know that you and most, maybe even all hardline Calvinists will disagree, but can’t we work together in areas of Convention life in which we agree and respect our theological difference on this point?

  9. Todd,
    When we get to heaven,no one will say to those with whom they have disagreed,”I told you so.” Thanks for you comments and I accept them in the spirit in which you shared them.There is no doubt in my mind that we agree on more things than we disagree.Certainly I can fellowship and have friendship with any fellow pastor who believes that Jesus Christ Is Lord.Our convictions on the doctrines of grace should not divide us,but drive us to the study of the scriptures and if that leads to open and honest debate we should still be united in our efforts to proclaim Christ to a lost world.

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