Faster Than a Moving Bullet Jairy Hunter speeds away from Microphone.

After President Hunter(Salary 500 thousand)gave his report in Florence,he suddenly disappeared before anyone could ask questions about Charleston Southern or Al Parish.

There was some debate among the delegates as to what had happened.There was speculation that Hunter had put some jet fuel in his coffee that morning and that enabled him to move quickly from the mike.

In my humble opinion,I have come to the conclusion that President Hunter(Salary 500 thousand)Thats more than Richard Roberts makes at ORU) was caught up into the third heaven as Paul was in 2Cor.12.

However it was done,President Hunter(Salary 500 thousand)has proven to all of us that he can move faster than Al Parish running from the IRS.

It’s a Train,no it’s a plane,no it’s an automobile,no it’s President Hunter moving faster than a speeding bullet away from any questions!!!

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3 Comments on “Faster Than a Moving Bullet Jairy Hunter speeds away from Microphone.”

  1. Greg Says:

    But does Jairy get all those fringe benefits?:)
    Now he has been there for nearly 20 years, is it not time for him to more on as it seems he is getting the disease that opened the job for him in the first place.

  2. hwunch Says:

    Bah, that’s nothing. When some of the other folks spoke, there weren’t any microphones to go to. I went and asked about it, they were like, “Really, I had no idea”.

  3. pastorinthewoods Says:

    From my perspective I did not see enough people there that cared to ask questions. I went expecting to see people excited about God’s work. What I saw was complacent behviour. There were a few people wanting attention (which is normal) and alot of people who were going through the motions( which is normal). From my perspective, the leadership of our convention have to go on with business as usual because the messengers sure do not care about what is going on. If I were on the budget committee I would be hard pressed to challenge the state to go 50\50 when barely 350 people show up for a discussion on the matter! How can you challenge the churches to take on such a responsibillity when such a small minority is there. There was no conspiracy there was complacency from my point of view! Leaders can do what they want as long as no one cares what they do. South Carolina Baptist must be very happy with their leaders because they are letting them do what they want to do. The bloggers found out a valuable lesson. People love to complain or listen to you complain behind the scenes but in public they are happy with the status quo. No political coalition is built around blogging it is built around a passionate concern that is public.

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