Custer’s “Kirby’s”last stand in Florence:The SC Baptist “Controllable”Convention.

Kirby Winstead was left alone at Microphone 4 while his motion to amend went up in smoke.Kirby presented his motion with dignity,poise and passion.

Unfortunately he was led,mislead to believe that two men would speak in favor of the motion to amend the 50/50 proposal.

What Kirby may not of known was that these two men were Mike Hamlet’s boys and part of the Conservative caucus.

Someone owes Kirby a private and public a apology.For one to honestly believe that two men aligned with hatchet Al and the CC would speak favorably of Kirby’s motion can only be described as insanity.

Anyway,thanks Kirby for your efforts.You stood alone,but you stood TALL while the arrows were flying towards you.I am sorry that you were let down by well meaning,but gullable men.

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