Bloggers Flogged In Florence:Lessons Learned From The Big Boys

The “boys”from the Baptist Building along with the “Conservative Caucus”came to Florence with 5 pounds of “Whup butt”and laid it on the bloggers.

When the boys from the Baptist building spend 30 minutes putting down the amendment on the 50/50 proposal and give only 3 minutes to someone at microphone 4 to speak to the motion,you are in trouble.

The unethical methods that were used to defeat the amendment were “immoral”and shameful.Their presentation was slick,political and played on the emotions of the people.

If you didn’t know better you would think that if we were to implement the 50/50 goal,colleges would close,Bethea home would shut down and the residents would be homeless and begging on the streets.

So,congratulations are in order to the Conservative caucus and the Baptist Building.You “Whupped”us good.

You won the battle,but the CP lost the war!

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One Comment on “Bloggers Flogged In Florence:Lessons Learned From The Big Boys”

  1. Randy Mellichamp Says:

    I absolutely agree. When I saw the figures being presented, but only in certain areas, I knew this wasn’t going through. I think that the only thing that upset me more was the obvious fact that many of our own people will accept anything that comes from the building.

    While the task ahead lies with the churches of our convention, the leaders should be willing to lead instead of passing the blame.

    Can I ask state one more thing? The presentation seemed to be about where SC ranked among other conventions. I sure hope that when the roll is called that we aren’t fourth or eigth or even next to last in completing the task that God gave us.

    Thanks for the comments, Bill.

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