Senate Panel Probes Six Top Televangelists.Money!Money!Money!Money!!

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Charles Grassley,Republican,ranking member of the Committee on Finance,has asked six media based ministries for information regarding expenses,executive compensation,and other amenities given to executives.The inquiry is part of Grassley’s long-standing interest in making sure tax exempt organizations are accountable to donors.(Press release from Chuck Grassley,Nov.7).

The six Televangelists are Joyce Meyer,Bennie Hinn,Eddie Long,Kenneth Copeland,Creflo Dollar and Paula White Senetor Grassley said,”Rolls Royces,Bentleys,a marble commode in an expensive home:thats a lot of money down the toilet.”

I say to all of the folks who  listen daily to these “false prophests”,remeber that while you are using an out-house so that you can send Joyce Meyer your money,she is sitting on a $24,000 toilet,and she is not “straining”or “thinking”about you.(hottub)

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5 Comments on “Senate Panel Probes Six Top Televangelists.Money!Money!Money!Money!!”

  1. Greg Says:

    While I am all for crooked “ministries” coming to justice, I know that the black eye will extend for awhile to those ministries who do submit to external audits and where the “big faces” do not live particularly ostentatious life styles, not to mention a more orthodox Christian theology. Someone correct my spelling please!

  2. Creflo Dollar, Eddie Long, Joyce Meyer, and Paula White are among many other Word-Faith teachers who are deceiving and financially raping thousands of Christians. For those of you who are interested, I’ve written a very detailed article that addresses the false doctrines of the Word-Faith Movement. It can be found at:

  3. Greg Says:

    Hey Bill and Victor:
    Do I understand that 3 or 4 Rep Grassley mentioned were being inquired about are on one of the ORU boards? Very interesting if so. One of the first of these guys on TV bringing down several of the others. If so, God proves again that He has a real sense of irony.

  4. Greg Says:

    I understand that Copeland, Dollar and Hinn are on the board according to Fox News who reported that the faculty has given Richard Rogers a no confidence vote.

  5. […] article about the Prosperity Gospel.  I recommend for further reading Bill Poore’s post.  A book that I found very enlightening was The Agony of Deceit by Michael Horton.  I am reminded […]

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