The Firing of Sheri Klouda at SWBTS,by Paige Patterson at SWBTS.

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3 Comments on “The Firing of Sheri Klouda at SWBTS,by Paige Patterson at SWBTS.”

  1. John Kennemur Says:

    I do not permit a woman to teach or have authority over a man; 1 Tim.2:12

    I think he (Patterson) would rather err on the side of caution than to be disobedient to GOD’s word. He must give an account for the way he sheperds his flock. I would expect for him to be persecuted for this move, especially in an age of the Laodocian church. He answers to God and not man. In fact, it does’nt even matter what people say or whose side we may take. Let us seek the kingdom of God and humble ourselves before Him. If we are fired because of our sex let us turn the other cheek and be Christ-like rather than try to seek retribution or revenge.

  2. Greg Says:

    Hey John:
    I agree with you that Dr. P is correct on the problems of a lady teaching in the SWBTS School of Theology, but to be honest, the factor that must be considered is did he come clean with her when he first had a meeting with her or did he let her think all was well (for her). She is as much a victim of her hiring as she would be of Dr. Patterson’s removing her. If he told her up front “you have 2-3 years to find another position” he handled it well, if, as seems to be the case he let her believe she was secure and would be allowed tenure should the quality of her work be satisfactory, he did not. I know that Hottub doesn’t agree with our bottom line but I think he would agree that there was a way of handling this well and a way of handling it poorly. It seems Dr. P did so poorly.
    IN Christ Alone,

  3. cbn Says:

    There are no problems with women teaching men.

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