Paige Patterson Intimidated by a Woman Professor Teaching Hebrew at SWBTS.

Why did Paige Patterson fire Sheri Klouda ,Professor of Hebrew  at SWBTS.Now I know Paige.I met him when I was a pastor in Wake Forest,NC.Several Seminary families were members of our church.When Wake Forest Baptist Church located on the SEBTS campus refused to allow Patterson to join,I wrote a letter to the Editior of our local paper in defense of Dr.Patterson.I also wrote him a personal letter and invited him and his wife to join our church.{I thought he might tithe).He responded with a gracious letter,but he and Dorothy joined another small ,rural church a couple of miles from Good Hope.Many students followed the Patterson’s and the church split in about one year.

Now Dr.Patterson is a man’s man.A hunter,a dog owner,an outdoorsman,rides horses and yet he is a “frady cat”when it comes to women in ministry.

Professor Klouda was not ordained.She was not a pastor or a preacher…not a music director,not even a Deaconess.She taught Hebrew under the authority of Patterson and the trustees of SWBTS.

Now there is a court date for Patterson and Klouda.this is not good for the Body of Christ.

Here is a word of advice for Klouda and all women at SWBTS.First of all…wear a hat.Second,always come in late for chapel services.It worked for Ms.Patterson who now teaches women how to cook and submit to their husbands.

I would be remiss if I did not say that the Pattersons have been used greatly by God in ministry and service.Also I am well aware that Dr.Patterson has forgotten more about the Bible that I know.

However I regret what is now happening at SWBTS between Patterson and Klouda.

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