Was Jesus “born again”in Hell?Copeland and Hinn say Yes.

When Jesus was hanging on a cross,according to  The Word Faith theology,He was recreated from a divine to a demonic being.At this point the trinity was destroyed and the deity of Christ utterly demolished.According to the Faith teachers,the Lord Jesus’passion on the cross proved insufficient to redeem humankind,and so He had to be trapped and hauled down to the very pit of hell by Satan.It is there,while Jesus is tortured and tormented by a smiling Satan and a host of cackling demons,that we pick up the story

Little did Satan realize,Faith proponents say,that the last laugh would be on him. For just as Adam had fallen into Satan’s trap in the Garden of Eden,now Satan had fallen into God’s trap in hell.

Kenneth Copeland explains that————In hell he (Jesus) suffered for you and me.The Bible says hell was made for the Devil and his angles(Matt25:41).It was not made for men.Satan was holding the Son of God there illegally..the trap was set for Satan and Jesus was the bait.(Ken Copeland,Walking in the Realm of the miraculous,1979,page 77)

Copeland says further,Satan and every demon in hell tortuted Christ’s “emaciated,poured out,little,wormy spirit”without legal right.(Kenneth Copeland,”What happened from the cross to the throne”,Fort Worth,TX:Kenneth Copeland ministries,1990,audiotape#02-0017,side two).Copeland says,and this was exactly the opening God had been looking for.Seizing the moment,He spoke His faith-filled words into the bowels of the earth,and suddenly—-that word of the Living God went down into that pit of destruction and charged the spirit of Jesus with resurrection power!Suddeny His twisted,death-wracked spirit began to fill out and come back to life.He began to look like something the devil had never seen before.He was literally being reborn before the devil’s very eyes.He began to flex His spiritual muscels….Jesus was born again–the first born from the dead.(Kenneth Copeland,”The price of it all,”Believers voice of victory,Sept.91).

Copeland shares this bit of Revelation knowledge when he said, The spirit of God spoke to me and He said,”Son,realize this.Now follow me in this and don’t let tradition trip you up.”He said,”Think this way—a twice born man whipped Satan in his own domain.”And I threw my Bible down and I said,”What?”He said,”A born again man defeated Satan,the firstborn of many brethren defeated him.”He said,”you are the very image,the very copy of that one.”I said,”Goodness,gracious sakes alive!”And I begin to see what had gone on in there,and I said,”Well now you don’t mean,you dare not mean,that I could have done the same thing?”He said,”Oh yeah,if you’d had the knowledge of the Word of God that he did,you could’ve done the same thing,cause you’re a reborn man too.”(Kenneth Copeland,”Substitution and identification,tape#00-0202,side 2)

Benny Hinn,too,received some revelation knowledge on the “rebirth”of Christ in hell:

My,you know,whoosh!The Holy Ghost is just showing me some stuff.I’m getting dizzy!I’m telling you the truth—it’s just heavy right now on me…..He’s (referring to Jesus)in the underworld now.God isn’t there,the Holy Ghost isn’t there,and the Bible says He was beggoten.Do you know what that word begotten means?It means reborn.Do you want another shocker?Have you been begotten?So was He.Don’t let anyone deceive you.Jesus was reborn.you say,”what are you talking about?…..He was reborn.He had to be reborn…if He was not reborn,I  could not be rebornJesus was born again.If He was not reborn,I would never be reborn.How can I face Jesus and say,”Jesus,you went through everything I’v gone through,except the new birth?”{Benny Hinn “Our position in Christ,part one video tape#tv-24}

2Cor.11:4 For if indeed he who comes preaches another Jesus…another spirit…another gospel which yo have not accepted,you bear well with him.

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21 Comments on “Was Jesus “born again”in Hell?Copeland and Hinn say Yes.”

  1. Bryant Says:

    These guys really gal me too. I heard a man the other day recall seeing one of these guys anointing someones dog with oil and then going to the vet’s office to say that the dog was healed. He went on to say, “only those claiming Christ would fall for such foolishness. An nonbeliever would immediately dismiss this as a hoax. What has the church come to?” I reminded him that there are clear warnings in Scripture that these things would happen and told him that not all who claim Christ are His.

  2. Bryant,See Angelia’s comment on Richard and Patti Roberts.

  3. Quinn Hooks Says:

    Next they will be selling indulgences and asking us to kiss their rings. 🙂

  4. Greg Bailey Says:

    Bill, is she serious? I pray not, but they didn’t assemble the school/ministry and rich and famous lifestyle without being able to sell it to someone.

  5. Gladys Says:

    Bryant, Animals are loved by God and Jesus like we are. I have layed my hands on my animals many times and ask God to heal them. I love my animals, they are part of my family and God’s family. Shame on you, grasping at nats and swallowing a camel. gladys

  6. Mike Diamond Says:

    Such bd [bible dung] teaching! Did not our Jesus on the cross cried out, “It is finished?” What does it say Jesus gone down to hell after the cross? Copeland is totally out of his mind! What are we to believe his is a prophet? Mike

  7. Memrme Says:

    When Acts 13:32-33 says you are my son , this day have i begotten thee,
    what does that mean? the word says that the word became flesh in Maria,
    in other words, God did not give birth to JEsus, he was from the everlasting , he entered Marias womb he did not start to exist there-
    Alpha and omega. But on the cross, is it posible that he died spiritually in that he became sin? the bible says he was the second Adam, can it be that Jesus had to have transferred our sins to himself, and become guilty with our sins? and therefore lose realtionship with God, why have thou forsaken me? the Bible talks about us being born of God when we are born again. Remember Jesus talked with the father, even thou he was the word, the father did not become mute after creating Jesus, i believe the word of God became a sperm in Marias womb, and that Jesus before he became flesh and blood, was in God, as the word. The first Adam was also without sin, but was created, where JEsus had always been in God as hes word from everlasting .

  8. Matthew Henry writes..the reason why it was impossible he should be held by the bands of death was because he was the Son of God, and consequently had life in himself, which he could not lay down but with a design to resume it. When his eternal generation is spoken of, it is not improper to say, This day have I begotten thee; for from everlasting to everlasting is with God as it were one and the same eternal day. Yet it may also be accommodated to his resurrection, in a subordinate sense, “This day have I made it to appear that I have begotten thee, and this day have I begotten all that are given to thee;’’ for it is said (1 Pt. 1:3) that the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, as our God and Father, hath begotten us again to a lively hope, by the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead.

  9. mary Says:

    Kenneth Copeland and anyone else saying this stuff better fall on hteir face before God and ask forgiveness.

  10. “Numerous passages in God’s Word attest that our sins have been dealt with ‘through the sacrifice of the body of Jesus Christ once for all’ (Hebrews 10:10; cf. Romans 7:4; Colossians 1:22; 1 Peter 2:24; 3:18; 4:1). This poses three difficult questions for the Faith teachers’ view of the atonement. First, why is there no explicit mention of Christ’s alleged “spiritual” death, while the Bible is replete with details on the fact and significance of His physical death-especially if it was His spiritual death that did away with the curse? Second, why does the Bible place so much emphasis on Christ’s physical death-to the exclusion of His alleged spiritual death-if His physical death was not the factor that eradicated sin? Third, why is it that Christ Himself told us to remember the sacrifice He made with His body and blood (both of which are essentially physical), while saying nothing about any spiritual sacrifice (cf. Luke 22:19,20; 1 Corinthians 11:24-26)? All the biblical evidence indicates that Jesus never died spiritually and that His physical death paid the price for humanity’s sin”

  11. Joe,
    One scripture they use is,1.Peter.3:18b,19.being put to death in the flesh,but quickened (reborn) by the Spirit:By which also he went and preached unto the spirits in prison.

  12. Paul collins Says:

    Jesus died on the cross with our sins upon him the moment he died our sins where forgiven for all time . His Spirit returned to be at the right hand of God. This is the Gospel I believe “not this Jesus was a man like us but he could escape from hell”

    Shame on you word of faith people for leading all those sheep away from the true shepherd and his word with your false gospel and your fake Jesus

  13. Melissa Hadeler Says:

    Jesus had to be born again because he died spiritually when he “became sin” for us. No, he never sinned, but he willingly bore all that was due us-death in it’s totality. Jesus took our place in everyway and died the death due us. We were not just due the punishment of physical death but spiritual death as well. This is so basic that it takes real confusion to misunderstand it. It no more takes away from the deity of Jesus than the Incarnation did. Jesus did become a real human being and died the death due us. Death is a penal evil, a judgement for sin. Jesus bore death for us and paid the full penalty. Death is spiritual and physical.

  14. Bruce Says:

    Hi. When Jesus died on the cross, and said ,”It is finished ,it means our sins were put on Him[Jesus] and that is why God turned His back on Jesus. Whether Jesus went to hell I really don’t know ,but, I do know because of what He did ,I am saved and free in Him and I can stand before God on that basis.I don’t get caught up in all the teaching going on and I really don’t want to call different ones false or call them down ,I just believe that for me I am save because of what Jesus did.

  15. John Allison Says:

    Is there a website that proves what they said about jesus be born again.


  17. Charles Peck Says:

    The so called men of faith need to learn a lesson from the scriptures. Is it any wonder that they preach a get rich gospel. That the only thing they know about. It’s evident they are not born again, or know about the plan of salvation.

  18. twinsistwo Says:

    In evaluating the statement of Copeland (made by The Spirit to him), ” ‘Oh yeah, if you’d had the knowledge of the Word of God that he did, you could’ve done the same thing, ’cause you’re a re-born man too.’ “: I am immediately reminded that we do not have the knowledge of the Word of God He did or the position of being the actual Son of God who was fully necessary to implement the work of salvation for man and therefore this is a completely false statement. Also, in coming out of the Mormon church myself I recognize the idea of the elevation of ourselves to the position of equality with Christ being put into his mind in the word “Bretheren” , I agree Christ has redeemed us and provided salvation, but to call ourselves as possibly equal to what Christ did is false. Mr. Copeland pick your bible back up. Now I also understand I am being given several excerpts from several sermons and haven’t heard all they have to say so I won’t stand in judgement of these men for as much as I judge them I will be judged. God calls us all to be responsible for our own salvation. Test the spirits and seek God with all your hearts and lean not on your own understanding in all your ways acknowledge Him and He will direct your paths. Mr. Hottubreligion be careful of leading pwople into sin. Base your facts of Christ not on anothers words but on the Word of God. They will face God as surely as you and I will. I also do not know you but I recognize disgust and contempt being encouraged toward these men. The bible tells us to pray for others, lets pray for their minds to be protected from the enemy. I thank God someone prayed for me when I was deceived and in darkness.

    • Thabo steven Says:

      Yes it is true,he went down to hell that’s where he took the keys of hell,and if you read the bible in {mathew 27:53} those who died in the lord their tomb opened and they woke up and they were seen by many) .Jesus took the keys of hell,(it is not by might or power but by the spirit of the lord)that’s why he says he’s given authority in heaven and on earth.

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