Run over,Knocked down,Flattened out in Florence

A message for Richard,Hans and Quinn.My heart felt thanks to you men for your willingness to be nominated for office in the SCBC.You need to be aware that some men who are aligned with the “conservative caucus ” will do everything possible to see that you are defeated.You did not ask for their anointing and they won’t forget that.

Do you recall this story?A cowboy on the Western frontier came across an Indian lying flat with his ear to the ground.The Indian said,”Wagon,four horses,two passengers,woman wearing calico gown,heavy man driving,thirty minutes away.”

“Thats amazing!”the cowboy said.”And you can tell all that just by putting you ear to the ground?”

“NO!”the aggravated Indian said.”Him run over me half hour ago.”

Men,don’t let the caucus deliberately run over you.

Refuse to be knocked down.

Don’t be flattened by “flattery.”

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