Don Kirkland “Shoots”Down 50/50 Plan Proposed by Wunch

Well its official now.The boys in the Baptist Building,the Executive committee,the “conservative Caucus”,and the Editor of the Baptist Courier have joined together to defeat the 50/50 proposal by Hans Wunch.

Don Kirkland shows unusual boldness in his editoral about the fifty-fifty plan proposed by Wunch.It must take a great deal of courage to side with the Baptist Building boys,the Executive committee and the conservative caucus.Al Phillips and many in the “conservative caucus”will be beside themselves with abundant joy,knowing that Kirkland is in their pocket.

One note of interest is that the “caucus”leaders would like to see Kirkland retire.Don knows very well how they can intimidate.But now they are in the same camp,and on the same page.Glory!!

Now that Don has boldly addressed to 50/50 issue,perhaps he could write an editorial about the 30 million the SCBC has in a reserve fund.Let me suggest a title”Two thousand verses in Bible about helping the poor,but SCBC continues to “sit”on 30 million.They are saving it for a “rainy”day ,not realizing that it is already RAINING.Guess what the “caucus would think about spending out of that fund?I think you already know.

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6 Comments on “Don Kirkland “Shoots”Down 50/50 Plan Proposed by Wunch”

  1. Chadwick,
    Our church can bring twenty. Fortunately we are close to Florence.Dwight can bring at least 25.It is really amazing how stirred up the lay folks are about this.I can see the possibilty of 800 supporters of the CP showing up in Florence.And this is happening just by word of mouth.From what I hear the 30 million in reserve is going to be addressed from the floor.
    God bless Hans Wunch,

  2. Hans Wunch Says:

    I love Don and many of the others who are pushing this plan, but I fear it is short sighted. What they don’t seem to realize is that if we do not inspire people to give more to the CP than the receipts will not only not keep up with inflation but they very well may decline as people send more to Lottie, Annie and the special offerings so it goes where they want it. We have an opportunity to change course and really save the CP. But it will require work and inspiration. The 55%25%20% plan is IMO underwhelming. The status quo will result in having to cut the work we do in SC OR having to increase the % that stays here. Neither of those options is good. Thank you for keeping things up to date while I am on vacation Bill. šŸ˜€

  3. pastorinthewoods Says:

    Leon Keefe pastor of Eureka Baptist Church led them to designate all of their cooperative program funds directly to the national convention. He was so displeased with the direction of the Baptist Colleges in North Carolina and the moderate viewpoint of teh Baptist Building that for over 20 years Eureka gave only to the SBC. We eventually began to give through the State again while I was there.

    That is definitely not a recommended plan but it would sure get some attention. If the budget committee sets the budget based on what was taken in last year then I can see where this immediate 50\50 plan could be a problem if they are not willing to challenge churches to give more or cut the State budget.

  4. Hans Wunch Says:

    No one is saying go to 50/50 in one year. Take 10 I don’t care. I think we could do it in 5 but we have been talking about it for 30.

  5. Bryant Says:

    At last years SBC meeting a statement was adopted stating that only money given through your state convention “counted” as CP giving. I could not believe that the state conventions levied enough pressure on the ExCom to propose such a statement and then I couldn’t believe that the messengers adopted it. It certainly set a new precedent of connectionalism in Baptist life.


  6. Greg Bailey Says:

    WHAT! You have to be kidding me! Maybe I should have stayed gone.

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