An Open Letter to The Search Committee For the SCBC Executive Director

Dr.Driggers,former Executive Director-Treasurer of the SCBC served SC Baptists with integrity and leadership skills that were par-excellent.Why was the political machine in the SCB Convention so adament about his departure?Who was the person in the Baptist Building feeding information to the Conservative Caucus that would undermine the efforts of Dr.Driggers?(By the way,I know).

Why could the search committee not reach a consensus on one of the two men that were originally interviewed?

Why was a third man,Jim Austin,recommended by Johnny Hunt,brought in as a “dark”horse?

Did the committee consider other recommendations Hunt has made that turned out to be a disaster?

Was Jim offered the same salary as the other two men or was it lowered because he was a compromise candidate?

Was there any pressure from those not on the search committee to extend a call to Jim Austin?

Would you agree not to serve on the next search committee for a SCBC Executive Director-Treasurer that will take place sooner than later?

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One Comment on “An Open Letter to The Search Committee For the SCBC Executive Director”

  1. Greg Bailey Says:

    Hey Bill:
    Being out of SBC life for 5 years, and out of SC for most of the last 4, I wondered if you would answer a little question for me? Was Dr. Driggers retired or hurried out? I infer that from this post, but not having been in the Palmetto State and having not been paying much attention to the SCBC politics for a few years prior (I was a member of an ARBCA church in Greenville area 00-05), I just don’t know.
    Grace Alone,

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