The First Mega Church Split:Jesus runs off 12,000.Only 12 Remain.Why?

After Jesus fed 5,000 men including women and children(approx.12<000)they tried to make Him king.John6:15.He departed again into a mountain himself alone.Later that day when Jesus crossed over to Capernaum,the crowds also passed over to Caperanaum,seeking Jesus..desiring to be fed again.They wanted to be “fed and fixed.”They desired to see another great miracle.

Then Jesus knowing that his sermon would “offend”them preached a sermon on eating bread and drinking blood.vv.53_58.No other message would have “offended”a Jew like this one.The thought of them drinking blood was repulsive and went against everything they believed.Jesus did not preach a “felt”needs “seeker sensitive”sermon.

Their response to His sermon was……we are gone,vv.53-56.He intentionally ,on purpose,ran off 12 thousand people,Jesus asked his Disciples,will you also leave?They answered,”Lord.we are not going anywhwere.You have the words of life that can take death out of us and impart life to us.John.6:67-69.

Why did Jesus run off 12 thousand seekers and felt needers?

This is the reason they were following Him,6:2.Because they saw His miracles.In v.26,Jesus said,”You seek me,not because you saw the miracles,but because YOU DID EAT OF THE LOAVES AND WERE FILLED.Twelve thousand were following Him because they wanted to be FIXED—not because they wanted to be SAVED.

Our Lord would ran off 12 thousand because He refused to build His church around people who wanted to be fixed.He would build His church around people that wanted to be saved.

That is a huge distinction that we better grasp.We have become so desperate for numbers that we are going after people that are trying to be fixed.We are not trying to find people that really want to be saved.

If our Lord chose not to build a ministry around fixing people-how dare we do differently?

Today when you ask someone,”Why did you come to the Lord?Many say,Because my marriage was in trouble and I needed it fixed.

Jesus does not fix marriages…….He fixes people in the marriage.And the way He fixes them is they come through His blood,they put their faith in Him.He cleans them up,He implants His Holy Spirit in them.The Holy Spirit drives them into the Word from which the Holy Spirit does two things:He gives them the wisdom to understand the Biblical principles for marriage.

He gives them the power to bring these principles in the marriage and the by-product is a changed home.He doesn’t change homes,He changes people.

What a sermon he preached.Jesus was not a “felt”needs preacher.He was a “real”needs preacher,and so must we be also.Jesus came to save us,not to fix us.

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2 Comments on “The First Mega Church Split:Jesus runs off 12,000.Only 12 Remain.Why?”

  1. burtledog Says:

    If Jesus really wanted to grow a big church, he should have just kept feeding them. Man did he blow it. Appeal to those felt needs!

    Thats like Copeland saying Paul failed because he was imprisoned and beheaded.

    Christ didn’t stay bogged down in felt needs, he went for Sins juglar, the human heart and sin.

  2. Greg Bailey Says:

    Hey Bill,
    I really read over this again. My pastor in Greenville would say over and over again, and I began to thoroughly agree the more I know myself and watch other. “We only want a small adjustment, just a little nicer here, a little more organized there; God wants to radically raze your house to the ground and rebuild. We don’t like new creations when it takes radical demolition first. ” God wants to change us radically, people just want to be a little better. We want a little adjustment, God wants a new creation.

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