Willow Creek doing Church Wrong?A Wake up Call


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5 Comments on “Willow Creek doing Church Wrong?A Wake up Call”

  1. burtledog Says:

    Thank you for posting this Bill. It took me away from work…OK, I was already looking here. I hope Hybels will truly look at changing inspite of the drop off in attendance he may have. Reading some of the posts from commenters kinda’ worries me. I personally like Dever’s 4 P’s.

  2. burtledog Says:

    Hey Bill:
    I listened to the messages by the WC pastors. They still really don’t get it do they. I could tell you that growing Christians were very dissastisfied with WC/Saddleback styled churches. Why, I talk to my friends who want to leave them. I talk to people visiting little country churches with expositional preachers and Reformed churches of all types who are running from the pablum. The thing is, these folks are feeding themselves largely and that is why they are leaving. They listen to a good expositor (say Begg, MacArthur, or Piper) and they know their pastors are not giving them the whole truth. They do read the Bible and they want their churches working like a biblical model and not a large service corporation.
    They have some good conclusions, but they are still looking at it like a business model or an anthropology/sociology project instead of a Biblically warranted church/organism.
    I hope others will chime in on this.
    Grace Alone,

  3. pastorinthewoods Says:

    Pragmatism is what it is all about. Even when they look at their shallow pond methods and see the results are not what they anticipated they will simply look for the next program that will work.

    It is not different in most our country churches. There is little discussion about theology or character of leadership. It is “Do the old people like it or do the young people like it” or will this bring people in? We can criticize WC but deep down we all know “if it works then it must be good”, is the AMERICAN way that we have sold our souls to.

  4. burtledog Says:

    Ditto. Currently I serve as Worship Leader in our country/suburban church in VA. To some degree or another everyone regardless of age looks at things through the lense of program and what do people want. What God says gets a cursory glance and then is ignored. It is even worse in the conservative convention HQ here. With all the stuff about evangelicals endorsing Romney, it seems as if we may just unite under Salt Lake City instead of Rome. Very corporate and somewhat pragmatic, very American.
    Grace Alone,

  5. burtledog Says:

    Something that really grieved me was to alternately hear Greg Hawkins say things like we had to look at things through the Bible and still say that they have to design a process to make disciples.
    Did I actually hear Hybels say they would construct a discipleship plan for each person involved with the church? They really are looney. Real small groups done informally can avoid this big time combined with a challenging, Biblical, expository preaching ministry.
    Did I forget the soveriegn work of the Holy Spirit? I am just as bad sometimes in my pure church way.

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