Patti Roberts,Richard’s First Wife Exposes Heresy of Richard and Oral.

Before Richard married Lindsey,he was married to Patti.He and Patti had two daughters.After Richard divorced Patti,with Oral’s approval,Patti wrote a book,”Ashes to Gold.”In this book,Patti Roberts compares the “seed faith”tactic of former father-in-law Oral Roberts to Johann Tetzel’s practice of selling indulgences.She points out that she had a “very difficult time distinguishing between the selling of indulgences and the concept of seed-faith inflated to the degree to which we had inflated it.

One distinction Patti did observe was that Oral was more subtle than Tetzel.Rather than offering salvation in exchange for money,Oral appealed to such basic instincts as fear and greed.

Hank Hanegraaff in his book,”Christianity in Crisis”exposes the manipulative techniques of Richard Roberts.When Oral told the world that unless he raised millions of dollars God was going to call him home,Richard took pen in hand to warn of his father’s impending doom.Without “the additional $4,500,000,”explains Richard,”God will not extend Dad’s life.”He then pleads,”Partner,we cannot let this man of God die.There is no reason for him to die.”And this is no idle threat,Richard claims.As he puts it,”When he (Oral) says God speaks to him,he’s not bluffing.”And just in case someone should doubt or suspect his motives,Richard offers this stirring assurance:”I feel totally called by God to do this….I’m writing to you as an anointed servant of God-doing what God has called me to do.”

After several pages Richard finally gets to the seed-faith solution.Take the enclosed birthday card,slip in a seed-faith gift “check,”and then RUSH IT TO ME TODAY.”

By the end of the letter,Richard Roberts had done virtually everything to assure his partners that this was a deal they couldn’t afford to pass up.Send your seed-faith gift  and Richard will be proud of you.Oral will pray for you,and God will prosper you.

“Without the additional four and one half million dollars,explains Richard,God will not extend Dad’s life.”He then pleads,”Partner,we cannot let this man of God die.There is no reason for him to die.”



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  1. greg Says:

    Was Patti his wife in the 70’s that would frequently sing on the Sunday morning show? I remember when the divorce happened and even as a church going non-believer, I was aghast that it had few repurcussions against the Roberts and the “ministry.”

  2. Yes Patti was the one.She had heard a speaker somewhere tell of Kennedy’s book on Evangelism Explosion and was thrilled with that program.When she questioned Little Richard as to why ORU did not emphasize this aspect of ministry and she began to question their lavish life style she was told by little Richard and Oral that their ministry was a “healing”ministry.
    When the divorce was finally inevitable,Little Richard said to Patti, “I don’t know what I’m going to,The women are going to be cominig out of the woodwork.”Well,one did.Her name was Lindsey.By now Little Richard wishes Lindsey had not come out of the woodwork.If half of the charges are true,Little Richard and Lindsey are going to the “woodshed.”

    • cmaglaughlin Says:

      You and I don’t agree on anything, which is just fine with me. I guess you don’t believe in eyewitness first hand testimony. I just happened to have stood next to Miss Kuhlman many times during her miracle services and viewed the miracles with my own 20/20 vision. I also happen to be a skeptical degreed journalist, but not when it comes to her legacy. Kathryn Kuhlman’s ministry is a testament to the grace and power of God. Anyone who was ever in one of her services would attest to that. Her many books with testimonies from those healed will not please you in the least. “Time” magazine did an article on Miss Kuhlman back in 1970, listing many documented healings with evidence. Dr. Richard Casdorph, internist and heart specialist, appeared on the “Mike Douglas Show” in 1975. There he documented 10 miraculous healings which occurred in her services, with x-rays and medical records to verify them. As a side note, Dr. D. James Kennedy was my pastor for 10 years before he passed. His “Evangelism Explosion” program was central to his ministry, where miracles also took place. Hank Hannegraf, who grew up in Dr. Kennedy’s church, plagiarized Dr. Kennedy’s life work in his own witnessing book. Now THERE’S a charlatan! He also misrepresented his connection with Dr. Walter Martin’s ministry after his passing. YOU need more than repentance. YOU need a miracle!

  3. Greg Bailey Says:

    Are you saying that Little Richard had active interest in other women while married to Pattie and that the present Mrs. Roberts was one of them?
    Don’t answer that. I had always counted them in the well meaning but decieved category…I guess I was wrong.

  4. Little Richared just assumed that when the women found out that he was divorced they would come calling and they did.
    The book,”Gold to ashes”or “ashes to gold”is most likely out of print,but it is worth reading if you can find it.
    John Hagge is on the Board of Regents at ORU.It will be interesting to see what action he and others will take when and if the allegations are true or not.

  5. Angela Feezor Says:

    I don’t believe anything negative about Lindsey, Richard, and/or Oral Roberts. If God has blessed them to be blessed then let them. I love both Lindsey&Richard. And I have watched Oral Roberts since I was little. There ain’t no devil in hell gonna stray me away from them.

    • Solid proof of your faith NOt being in Christ, as the Bible says, “let God be true and EVERY man a liar.”
      That would include Oral.
      Tichard and what the wolrd considers as his wife, are trading the precious salvation for adultery.
      What God has joned together, let NO MAN (including Oral) put asunder
      Get you heart right!!!

      • jim varnon Says:

        So just ignore the facts and allow the body to just rot away. The Roberts, and many more should be judged by the body of Christ. It is commanded by the Holy Scripture.

      • 1 sorry about the typos
        2 I AM part of the Body of Christ, I hae judged RIGHTEOUS JUDGEMENT in accordance with the Bible and its precepts!
        3 people who claim that these cancers in the Body are ‘anointed”blessed’ ‘holy’ and other good things and they are not
        Do you think that God, in vain, warned us about them and their kind???
        Ignoring facts??? what facts???
        numbers? is that YOUR view of a good ministry?
        If numbers were the yardstick, then Christ roundly failed!
        He could noly manage to keep 12 and one of those turned on him.
        WE ARE TO PLANT AND WATERGod brings in those who should be saved, God gives the increase.
        I say thia and I am NOT a Calvinist!

  6. Angela,
    The devil is not in hell.

  7. Greg Bailey Says:

    Look at facts and then look at The Bible. If you measure the Roberts family, I think you will find them having problems that they don’t admit.
    Afterall, in your local church, would you not expect your pastor to remove himself if he were to divorce or be divorced for cause by his wife?
    If you were to find he had bought a car with the church funds without approval, would you not expect him to acknowledge wrong doing and pay the funds back?
    If not, then I advise you watch less TV and read more Bible.
    Grace Alone,

  8. Angela is as serious as a colonostomy.

  9. Greg Bailey Says:

    Even with a good shot of a sedative that is extremely serious.

  10. David Lynch Says:

    Life is something! Patti followed her heart…her mind…and, most importantly of all, her Master; she stood up to the bosses. She was a big threat to the million dollar “snake oil scheme,” that is, send ME your “seed money” and God will bless YOU. Think of the “BLING” they wear–because our Moms and Dads and grandparents believed them good stewerds. (Compare the clothes, cars, homes and, lifestyle they live–to yourself and family.) All those that say Lord … will not enter … the “Kingdom.” Wouldn’t you like to know Patti’s parents … so you could shake their hand and thank them for the good job they did for raising such a good daughter! For myself I ask God for mercy–not justice.

    • Sandra Gilbert Says:

      how can I get in touch with Patti Roberts? I read her book years ago and would love to thank her for standing up to these people. It took real strength.

  11. Lindee Says:

    In words right out of the Bible – We are not to judge.

    • Bereangirl Says:

      Lindee and all others who love misquoting these verses. Matt 7:1-5 refers to the hypocrite that judges others, because”it takes one to know one” and is a favorite of evil doers everywhere, ever notice how unbelivers are able to quote that scripture? Matt. 7 does not condemn the God given logical judgement and reasoning capabilities needed to protect oneself from false teachers and evil doers. Jesus instructs hypocrates to remove the plank from their own eye so they can see clearly, before removing the speck in their brother’s eye, as you can see from the text-after you remove the plank or sin from your own life(lying, cheating, stealing etc.), then and only then can you help someone caught up in the same sin – get it? Why the plank and speck symbolism Jesus? Have you ever noticed that a small object close up looks much bigger than a large object far away? A huge car can fit nicely behind my rear view mirror when I am at a stop sign. Jesus is refering to ones perspective. I am so tired of people getting that verse in scripute wrong. Read the whole scripture in context and do not put in your own ideas and certainly not the “interpretation” of some word of faith preacher! The last thing they want you to do is “judge” them against scripture, then they would be found out for the liars they are and then where would they be? So this is a warning to hypocrites from Jesus – don’t judge lest you be judged accordingly, this is not a warning to leave off common sense judgements based upon the actions and teachings of supposed ministers of the gospel in the face of the facts of their abuses and excesses.

    • Really? That is all you have, a partial quote, misapplied?
      Is that how you develope and live your theology?
      1. I rebuke you
      2. Read the Bible
      3. STUDY the Bible, who and how it was translated
      4. Shut your mouth, Keep you opinions, based on nothing, to yourself, as they have LESS than no value!

    • Mike Friend Says:

      In words right out of the Bible ;”judge righteous judgement.” And ;” judgement must begin at the house of God.”

  12. Does that mean that we are never to make a judgement about anything or anybody?If you are comfortable supporting Lindsey and “Little Richard”‘all I can say is,”Have a need,plant a seed.”Help “little Richard and Lindsey put in a third swimming pool.”

  13. Don Jackson Says:

    Dear Hottub,

    I agree with you and more importantly, the Scriptures agree with you on the right to make a judgement. Look at what Paul said in 1 Co. 2:15, :But he that is spiritual judgeth all things…”

    Maybe the correct way to look at the “judge not, and ye shall not be judged” and what Paul said is this: Eternal judgement (the decision of who goes to Heaven and who goes to hell) is certainly in the hands of the LORD Jesus Christ. However, God has given His Holy Word and his Holy Spirit to guide us to do as Paul instructed and judge all things. Certainly we can judge or choose right and wrong, at least he that is spritual can. We cannot judge or decide the eternal fate of another human being.

  14. Don,
    you are exactly right.I grow weary of people who use that verse in Matt 7 and have no clue as to what it really means.

  15. For those that want to order the book “Ashes to Gold” go to because they have several used books. I just ordered mine for $3.00 plus $3.95 for shipping.

  16. Thanks Janie,I hope many will order this is an “eye opener.”


  18. Gene,
    If Baptists could “bet”,I would bet thats what “Little Richard” did.

  19. I was one of those who, when the divorce was announced, was devastated. I loved listening to Richard & Patti sing duets together (still do enjoy the records). I couldn’t fathom why they suddenly split. So when Patti’s book, “Ashes to Gold” came out I did something I don’t usually do: I purchased the hard copy and didn’t wait for the paper back (which I don’t think ever was published.)

    I devoured that book and found it very informative and honest. And she did not try to throw all the blame on ‘them’ – she acknowledged her part in a lot of the problems. One statement she made, in reflection on advise from Franky Schaeffer was she wondered what would have happened if they could have left the whole scene for at least a year the first year or so of marriage and be an ordinary married couple. Would things have been different. (I have often thought of that when thinking of other high profile marriages like, for example, the Royal Family…)

    I highly recommend y’all (coming from a Canadian that’s not bad!) find a copy of that book and read it. Some very great insights.

  20. Eric Says:

    I just don’t understand why Richard and Lindsey cannot admit anything they’ve done wrong. We all make mistakes. It just seems like they’d have more credibility if they’d admit something they’ve done wrong in all this. Our President is the same way. Why can’t these people accept blame for anthing? I don’t get it?

  21. Chuck Says:

    I just finished reading Patti’s book (Ashes to Gold) and I see the thread that connects Richard’s early behavior to the situation he’s currently wrestling with. It is crystal clear that he’s never broken the psychological “apron strings” that tie him to his parents’ protectiveness. He’s inherited a regal air of unaccountability that inevitably leads to the kind of excesses that brought about his downfall. Gives new credance to the old adage “power corrupts and absolute power corrupts ebsolutely”…

  22. senecus Says:

    Very interesting and informative blog. Yes,”Little Richard” does act “above reproach”. Remember first time I saw his program in the ’80s as new believer and wanting to vomit. Amazed me then and to this day how blind so many in the “church” can be.

  23. Shirley Says:

    I was in “word of faith” for many years. Got saved in word of faith. I was taught never to question the man of God. I fell for the whole thing, hook, line and sinker.
    Now I read a new Bible without my “word of faith” notes in it.
    I was indoctrinated and never thought I would leave Word of Faith. I came to the mountains and got alone with God and “viola” I am delivered.
    There is a balance in God’s word. You cannot use the word “balance” in word of faith circles, it means compromise. No, balance is what God does to keep the universe going. God doesn’t want us poor but this nonsense is out of control.
    I believe in healing, I believe in true prosperity, peace under all circumstances. If you pray, God will show you the truth but we must be teachable and open to His Holy Spirit.

  24. David L. Williams Says:

    Amen, Shirley. It is the Holy Spirit that was sent to bring all truth. Man has grafted himself between us and the Vine, taking the place of the Holy Spirit. Like those who put Jesus on the cross, they know not what they do. I had read that verse many times, but it meant little until God put me thru trials at my church, then it became revelation. They really do not know their own motives.

    Back in ’93, God told me that their is evil in every Christian organization, without exception. Then He began sending many to me that told of their experiences under church leadership. I was dismayed. Then He put me thru a persecution and trial at my church so what I learned would not all be from second-hand. Even after they found out I was innocent, they let their guilty pronouncements on me stay in place. And thru it all, I found out they indeed do not know what they do.

    Jesus said we would experience His experiences. I was betrayed by a young man I had taken in to disciple. I was accused of false charges. I was found guilty, and my ministries there were cut off. I was spiritually “crucified.” Later, the young man repented and told the truth. Even so, they let the findings stand. Even tho I had forgiven him, the young man hung himself.

    Some just do not know how seriously their deeds are looked at by God. God told me to write a book about what I found going on behind the scenes in churches, and I did.

  25. Hugh Lowe Says:

    These Charlatans MUST be exposed. They are hiding behind the subjective argument that God sent them. If they are genuine they are genuinely misled. I have been a christian for many years but recently have been reading what most christians call Liberal books. Sometimes we need to see that people are all the same. Give them Power and they will abuse it. very few do not.
    Throughout history those who claim to have authority whether it be political or religious have always corrupted and misled people. I refuse to be led by these liers. There is nothing to fear than fear itself. Fear has been used to control people for ions.
    I hope we can give each other the open truth and admit to our mistakes.

  26. Janine Says:

    I found it more than confusing that durring the period when Richard and Patti split, married students at ORU that were having marital difficulty that resulted in seperation or divorce were asked to leave school. Richard was never pulled off the platform and just moved onward and upward. There has always been a double standard for those who are on the platform and those who sit in the pews.

  27. malcolm Says:

    Don’t you think his surname was “Roberts” had something to do with his different treatment?

  28. My husband and I got married in 1985, we came to Tulsa for our honeymoon. We had a friend who had been treated at the City of Faith hospital for cancer,and my husband was a Res Therapist so we went down there and he ended up getting a job. Our first son was born in the City of Faith. We used to go to the Television show on ORU, I have to say that I read Patti’s book after we moved down there and we were sorry that we did had moved. We got disgusted with the ministry and all of it’s tactics. One day on the television show Lindsay questioned something that the ministry did in relation to money and surprise surprise, she wasn’t on the show the next day,,no explanation given that I can remember. The City of Faith is no longer running. The only thing I can say about our time in Tulsa is that we spent the first 2 years of our marriage away from all family, which made us depend on each other instead of them,,it was good for us. God did many miracles in our lives while we lived there. Patti’s book is very good, I wish that I still had my copy, I would read it again.

  29. Kathy Says:

    Why have my comments not been posted?

  30. Kathy,Gloria has already expressed your sentiments.However,if you will re-send your comments,I will gladly post them. Gloria Says:

    March 7, 2008 at 7:48 am e

    Hello Bill,I can tell by looking at your website that you know very little about God,Jesus or the Holy Spirit.I can also tell that you have no respect for many of God’s servants and have no problem with bearing false witness and misinterpreting and spreading idle gossip on your site.You sicken me.You hypocrite! Who do you think you are? With all your degrees you are ignorant. And you think you can teach and answer peoples questions?What a joke you are,but not at all funny.I feel sorry for the poor people who would look to you for advice.Remember that pride goeth before a fall and you are headed right for one,a fall that is. I hope you learn from it and that you remember that you were warned. You are probably too much of a coward to post my comment you viper,I believe that is what Jesus called people like you.

  31. Judy Says:

    I am sure no one out there will believe me but as a child i was often taken to ORU and sexually as well as ritually abused……
    That place was created by Satan and GOD is not in it…… it is a mind control programing center and oral has been paid well by his Lord, Satan! He is a child molester and Satanist!
    I am an eye wittness/victim so I am not baring false wittness against anyone!

    • Edgar Says:

      Judy, I believe what you say is true. I have a very close dear person to me that has become involved with the Roberts and I ma very concerned that they may abuse her or may already have. I need to protect her. she has being literally brainwashed. My relationship has drastically and dramatically deteriorated since she became friends with them and another woman that is close to them.

  32. chris Says:

    Judy, I think u should see a counselor along with gloria and the other angry lady who posted that nice “christian” message above. Nice.

  33. Judy Says:

    Why should I see a counsler? I have the best of the best, my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ..
    If not for Him and His mercy i would be dead and the truth of what I know would be dead with me… besides a lot of others out there know what that place is and are speaking out as well!
    People who choose not to believe the truth will find it out n the end, all i know is I am alive to speak out and validate the survivors and show them the way to the Savior Jesus Christ so they can be set free and heal from what was done to them there.

    Praise GOD I am Free!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Diane Says:

      Judy, You don’t need anyone else to say ” I believe you” , but…I believe you. What Satan meant to destroy you God can use for his glory. You have something to offer other survivors. Bless You.

  34. Greg Says:

    Hey Judy:
    We all need counselors, that is why we are put together in the church. However, your observations about some of the problems with ORU and the governing family aren’t a pressing reason to do so. On this many others need your counsel.
    IN Christ Alone,

  35. Judy Says:

    Thank you much Greg and please keep the victims/survivors in your prayers….
    Jesus is their only hope for healing.

    In Christ Jesus,

  36. Greg Says:

    I have had a few friends who have “drunk the kool-aid” of some of these health and wealth guys. They can change their opinions in midstream and still be hailed as prophets, change biblical moral standards and still be left in ministry when any God respecting small church pastor would say that I am in need of time away or possibly entirely disqualified for future ministry.
    I will pray for those who have been decieved and abused by these folks.
    IN Christ Alone,

  37. Sierra Says:

    I called their prayer line one time asking for prayer for a very ill family member. The next thing I knew there was an envelope in the mail with a request for “seed faith” money. When someone I love with all my heart is extremely ill with an undiagnosed illness, I don’t have time to think about money. Now I call their TV show “Pay to Pray” instead of “Hour of Healing.”

  38. Judy Says:

    Pay to pray….. very fitting. Sigh….

    A lot of people will have a lot to answer for , hope they have their excuses all ready to be blown apart.

    Pray your family member made out ok in spite of the prayer line…
    Aren’t you glad that we have a direct line in prayer even when we can not find others to pray with us?

    Blessings in Christ Jesus,

  39. A. S. Mathew Says:

    I had sent money as seed faith to ORU, but later on I was greatly convinced that
    the seed faith has to go the most needed area where a Pastor and his family can
    live on $ 50.00/month. God wants His children to be blessed but the theology
    of prosperity preaching and the preacher’s lifestyle became totally worldly and
    extravagant. These preachers are simply marketing the positive messages of
    hope and faith and getting rich faster. As believers in Christ, we must share our
    blessings with the body of Christ, and we must do it only after thorough investigation.

  40. Ruth Says:

    I find it hard to believe what I’m reading. Oral Roberts is a man of God and it’s hard for me to understand how so many false statements are being said about him here.

    This is amazing to me that you can’t see all the good that man has done over the years. He was a man God used to heal many many people. I don’t think God would have used him that way if he was the horrible person some of you think he is.

    If he is the way you say, then please, put him at the top of your prayer list and pray for him everyday. Isn’t that what the Bible tells us to do?

    Let me warn you of somthing. It’s a dangerous thing to speak against one of God’s anointed. Watch what you say. It can bring consequences that you won’t like.

  41. Ruth,
    Give me a break!!

  42. chadwick Says:


    Touch not the anointed! 8)

  43. Poor Oral Roberts recently fell and broke his hip.Guess where he went??To the hospital.Any believer who cannot see that Richard is a fraud defies my imagination.In my humble opinion the “gifts”of healing passed away with the completion of the scriptures.Paul could not heal himself orTrophimus2.Tim.4:20 or Epaphroditus,Phil.2:26-27.
    I have seen consecrated christians with terminal cancer thanking God that they were already healed before they died and went to glory.Imagine someone claiming their healing while there nose is bleeding profusely.
    So called faith healers like Oral and Richard have destroyed people’s faith while they became rich sucking money out of people who were poor and deluded.Common sense tells us that if we got healed everytime we got sick..we would never die.Somebody would have to shoot us with a double barrled 12 guage shot gun.Read the comments on this blog of people who know the Roberts boys and have seen them in action..and weep with them.
    For those who follow the Robert boys heresy,don’t bother to comment on my blog.Just send your money to the fraudulant Roberts boys.Richard needs another swimming pool.
    ps/All true believers are God’s anointed

  44. Judy Says:

    I am sorry for all the people who are being decieved by these people….. I have tried to warn people and that is all I can do. Oral Roberts is not God’s annointed. If he is then I guess God condones child rape? I think not! God is my witness to the truth of my testimony. I do not care how much good Oral has suppose to have done. All satanists do good to a certain degree. They believe it balances out things……

    Believe whatever you want out there, in the end the truth will out. So do not whine to God when it does that you were not warned…. you were….

    And I want to thank all the believers out there who are awake!

    God Bless in Christ Jesus,

  45. David Says:

    Swaggart, Hinn, Roberts, Baker……………….ALL are heading to hell if they do not repent and confess. Christians are repeatedly warned in scripture about false prophets and teachers. God gave us (some of us) brains with which to think, eyes with which to see and ears to hear. Those idiots who always quote the scripture about judging neglect to read where the apostle Paul wrote “what, do you not judge even among yourselves?” When you look to crooks, liars, thieves and hypocrites for spiritual guidance you will surely be deceived. You know the quote “there is a sucker born every minute” do you not? Well, these hypocrites who pick your pockets have learned very well how many blind and stupid people there are in this world.

  46. Judy Says:

    A-men my brother!!!
    And again I say A-men!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    In Christ jesus,

  47. Dan Says:

    I believe in the five fold ministry as listed in Ephesians and it is clearly for today as these ministries are listed to build up the body of Christ until we all come in the unity of the faith and to the full stature of the Christ, not until the Bible is written. The healing gifts also are for today and the gifts are given as the spirit wills as listed in I believe I Corinthians 12. As for the Roberts I know people who worked on their compound and I can vouch that the allegations concerning Lindsay and young men are true. I even met a young man who said he had serviced her. I prayed with him that if that was true that God would expose their hypocrisy and I believe I asked Him to reveal himself to this man. They clearly took their position for granted and lived in luxury while the school went deeper into debt (even though Richard lied and said it was coming out of debt). The biggest mistake the new management made was to give them a severance package and allow Richard a seat on the board. They joined several dorms together and made it one room for their daughter and several other such wastes of money while other students rooms went without much needed repairs. Most people there are glad to be almost rid of them.

  48. It makes me ill to think of how hard my daughter has to work to finish college and here you have Phoney Baloneys like the Roberts living the life of Kings and Queens.
    Back in the early 80s couldnt anyone see how lavishly they lived and how Lindsey
    never wore the same million dollar outfit twice on television

    In the meantime so many are going without…

    • kate Says:

      Thats exactly what I said..My daughter working
      so hard to finish school two jobs. In the 80s
      I had to sew holes in pants and yes they never
      wore the same high end clothes twice

  49. Rachael Says:

    I watched Patti and Richard on TV many years ago and thought she was so pretty and seemed so genuine, and they seemed so “in love” and the first thing I knew, they were divorcing. I did not watch their program for several years, but did call for prayer and was very inspired. I do believe in healing and am asking for that right now. I watch Richard and Lindsey and have been puzzled by all this talk and really don’t know what to believe in their regard.

  50. Rachael Says:

    Thank you very much.

  51. […] Patti Roberts,Richard’s First Wife Exposes Heresy of Richard and Oral. […]

  52. Annette Says:

    This message is for Angela Freezor, one of the bloggers on this page, It really doesn’t matter if you believe any of the negative things about Rivhard and Lindsey or not. There was Patti his godly wife. Lindsey had a husband. I remember it all. All of my childhood my dad would send Oral Roberts money even if we did not have food in the house. I also remember as an adult when Richard made the infamous claim that his father would die if a certain amount wasn’t collected in a certain time period.
    And what about Cheryl Pruitt Blackwood? She left her christian husband to marry Lindsey’s brother. All done in the name of God. So many make others in the family of God stumble. I believe there will be a day of reckoning and I belief it is going to be tougher on christians that committed these acts than it will heathens that never accepted the Lord. God is not mocked and I think he is fed up with being merchandised. Remember the son of God didn’t even have a place to lay his head.

  53. Laura Climer Says:

    I would not have anything to do with Richard or Oral Roberts. They have always been out for nothing but money. If you want to hear a good pastor, listen to Charles Stanley, He comes on fox at 9 a.m. sundays. Now he is a real christian. Laura Climer

    • cmaglaughlin Says:

      speaking of Charles Stanley, do a google search on his “baggage” and you’ll think twice about sending your hard earned $ to his coffers. His wife divorced him after several “separations,” and nobody knows for sure, “Why,” except maybe the family. Charles said, “I had a lot going on growing up.” Hagee divorced and remarried(against scripture), Bob Harrington ran off with his secretary while his wife suffered with cancer(like Newt), Arthur “carrying the cross” Blessitt left his wife for another woman. So many other “adulterers” and so little space. Even my once “pastor,” Kathryn Kuhlman, broke up a godly family and “stole” her hubby, only to be divorced by him later. I can’t believe how ignorant God’s chosen are when it comes to understanding the correct interpretation His Word gives on the subject of divorce/remarriage.

  54. MIMI Says:

    NEVER suspend critical judgment. God gave it to us for a reason. He wants us to seek the truth. Many are deceived and misleading others because of false teaching. They say we are not to question them, but he Word tells us to “prove all things and hold fast to that which is good.”

  55. Tom Says:

    Richard was right….Lindsay came out of the woodwork for sure.

  56. mimi Says:

    I was in a Word of Faith church for several years and never saw anyone healed. Yet, we have since experienced incredible healing. I believe in healing. I do not believe in healers. I will never let any mortal man get between me and my God. By the way, those who misquote the Bible saying “pride goeth before a fall” need to read it again. If you’re gonna quote scripture, do it right.

    • Katie G. Says:

      Thanks. That has bothered me for years.

      Proverbs 16:18 —

      Pride goes before destruction, And a haughty spirit before a fall.


  57. christy Says:

    the BIBLE says that man will always fail you. But richard nor oral didnt die for me, jesus christ did.He(richard made a mistake but so did the samaritan women when the pharisees wanted to stone her and do you know what Jesus said? He said,’whoever is without sin cast the first stone’.And they all left.Now im not making excuses but a person can change and the devil just likes to drag out your past so that people can point fingers.As Christians the world loves when stuff like this is brought out to try and turn people against Jesus.Everyone has the free choice to give or not to give.And it is true if you give with a sincere heart the LORD will BLESS YOU.And thats that!

  58. […] son of Oral Roberts the founder of ORU, and his then wife Patti. They divorced in 1979, and it has not been pretty. This is on a CD that Mom has, I tried to find this rendition on video so you could see […]

  59. Patricia Says:

    Oral Roberts achieved the true goals of his heart and he has just gone to get his reward. God will vindicate Patti. She went through hell and absorbed the brunt of the blame for the divorce, though it was largely Oral’s doing. Oral couldn’t have cared less for the well-being of Patti and her kids. God will hold him accountable for that. Which Bible do these deceivers read anyhow?

  60. cindy Says:

    Lindsey Roberts has still been the ORU program. It is rare that I have seen Richard Roberts on there. Why is it that she is on and him only now and then? What will happen now that Oral has passed? His first wife Patti had the right to write the book however, don’t we question at all when someone writes a book like that after a divorce or something when in the public? Are they looking into Richard/Lindsey Roberts in a legal way still? If not why not was it part of an agreement for him to step down so nothing more would happen? I feel for the family at this time of loss. I would be thankful to live that long and have my parents live that long. No one can really judge any of them because we aren’t in the background & know for sure. God will judge and deal with them/anyone who needs it. Oral Roberts did do some good work no matter how everyone views how he did the work. We should just let God deal with all …unless of course legal matters need to be taken care of and not just let go because of the name/money…happens too often & no one should be above the law. After all had I done what they are telling what they alledge has been done then I would be in jail…

  61. A.S.Mathew Says:

    Many ministries start with good intention, but when
    they get big in fame and wealth, the devil will trick
    them, and they make a radical turn over from ” God”
    to “money”. Jesus said very firmly that we can’t
    love God and money at the same time. Love of money
    is genuine idol worship. We work hard and create
    wealth, when something we have created become our
    constant talk and focus, that is our god at that
    point. T.V. preachers talk more about money than
    God, faith or salvation. They are licensed to
    beg for money without any regard and stop. Some
    of them will ask for $ 1000.00 so that the donating
    people will get 1000 times reward promised. But some
    other people sell their books and CD and DVD for
    1000% profit. Anyway, money is the key factor and
    core issue because they need to fly in their private
    jets by promising the poor believers false promises.
    The recent recession might have taught all of them
    some great lessons about money.

  62. mimi Says:

    Anointed does not have a double N. Every true child of God is anointed. Anointing is for service. It’s not some airy-fairy charismatic thing.

  63. Thanks for this blog. Doing research on marriage, adultery, remarriage. I need facts.

    What are the facts surrounding the marriage breakup? Just facts.


  64. A. T. Manning Says:

    My mother went to a seminar at ORU in the mid-seventies. Oral Roberts was raising money via
    seed faith for a law school. He began
    a law school and a medical school because God
    wanted him to, but he apparently decided God
    wanted him to close down both within a few years.
    (The law students and the medical students had to
    scramble to get other schools to accept them or
    they had to drop out altogether). Patti Roberts
    had the sweetest spirit that weekend and was a
    favorite of almost everybody. Even Evelyn, in her
    autobiography, praised Patti as a major factor in
    turning Richard’s life around.

  65. F.Bell Says:

    Why hasn’t anybody mentioned Patti’s 2nd book? She wrote one on marriage, with her 2nd husband, and divorced for the 2nd time shortly thereafter. She’s now living in Texas in a substandard manner. I new her when she was a teenager, and when she was a student at ORU. Always looking for a guy. Not sincere as you all seem to think. No one in her family liked the Roberts even before she went there, and mocked them constantly. She DID like the free schooling she got there, though, via scholarship. Don’t believe all the negative things you hear about the Roberts family. Much of it is made up without any substance to it. For example, country club memberships were gratis, given free to all college and university presidents in the area. Cars….loaned to them free by local car dealership owners. I could go on and on but it would be like talking to the wall.

    • Chuck Says:

      “Don’t believe all the negative things you hear about the Roberts family. Much of it is made up without any substance to it.”
      Yikes…Have you had your head buried in the sand for the last 40 years? You should contact Richard and go out for a drink together. Take a taxi, though.

      • cmaglaughlin Says:

        I read her second book, “Dance of the Broken Heart.” Now hearing that John and Patti (Roberts)Thompson eventually divorced, really blows my mind. Get the book from eBay or Alibris and read just how screwed up Christians get when they stray from God’s Word and rely solely upon “leadings” and “feelings.” I’d pay a handsome price to be able to talk to her and hear, “Why,” and what do you believe NOW and about what you wrote THEN. Everybody is trying to “figure out” God. Scripture warns against such poppycock. Just get to know Him through His Word, worship, prayer and fellowship with those whose heads are screwed on straight.

  66. J. Jones Says:

    I think if you’re a christian you suppose to worship God and Jesus and do things for God and Jesus.People suppose to paid their titles to give to the church,to pay for the church to be fixes and ulities liked the light and gas bills to be paid.I feel very sorry for people who used religion to get rich is very wrong and they will paid the price one day when they faced God himself.God and Jesus is Lord and they can Healed and Saved anybody who believed in them.If you beleved and have Faith in God and Jesus you will be healed and saved and to be blessed.These false Preachers will have to answer to God one day.And they will go to hell,unless they asked forgiveness and to get right with God and Jesus.

  67. Linda Says:

    Shame on some of you. Nobody but God knows all of the details of the Roberts family, whether or not they sinned and whether or not they’ve repented.
    So, a person sinned. What’s on trial is whether or not the blood of Jesus is able to cleanse us from sin, those of us who HAVE sinned and fallen short of the glory of God. Some of you sound like you never have.
    God has to use imperfect people, no? It seems that since He does there’s plenty of room for sin, human error, honest mistakes or whatever.., misunderstandings, misinterpretations…
    The only perfect one has gone on to Heaven, no?
    The laborer is worthy of his hire, no?
    (How much they make is none of our business. If God tells YOU to give to that ministry, give. If God doesn’t tell YOU to give to it, don’t. The Holy Spirit speaks to whomever He will about where people should be giving. So what if you get an invitation to give…it’s just an invitation…ask God if you’re supposed to. No one person can support every ministry or good cause in existence. Give where God tells YOU to give and leave the Robert’s alone if you’re not supposed to be a supporter.)
    The Bible teaches seed, time and harvest, no? Big givers get big returns and God has a hand in that. Sowing and reaping is God’s law, not ours. It works too. I doubt we’ll ever know how much the Roberts family has given…or how much God has blessed them back. After all, they have their own personal money to do with as they please.
    I’d hate to be the bookkeeper/accountant for that ministry. I’d also hate to be on their board. (I just wouldn’t want the job–not my calling.) Surely there’s a board or someone that determines the earnings of the Roberts’ family though.
    The body of Christ is made up of many members, no?
    All are needful I understand.
    So, some of you are supposed to be connected up with other ministries rather than Oral’s? Go there–that other part of the body–or 5 fold ministry–or church– and do what God has called YOU to do. Find your place.
    Not everyone has the same calling.
    Be not deceived. That’s OUR responsibility, why blame the Roberts or any other ministry if there is, in fact, deception involved? WE are supposed to be hearing from God and have the ability to discern. Have no fear, since God is keeping the books, He’ll make sure justice is done everywhere it’s needed and to whomever deserves it.

    • Katie G. Says:

      Thank you. I just typed a comment without reading everything here. You said many things I missed. I also forgot one of the most important verses:

      John 8:7

      “…But when they continued asking Him, He looked up and said to them, “He who is without sin among you, let him throw the first stone…”


    • cmaglaughlin Says:

      God’s Word doesn’t even preach “tithing” money, let alone seed faith. Those who think otherwise have NOT done their homework.

  68. Janet McKenzie Says:

    Was a student at ORU at the time that Richard and Patti were having problems. From what I recall, Richard never graduated with a four-year degree and his grades were very poor. Very bad example.

  69. Dean Says:

    Love – compassion – mercy – forgiveness – that is what Jesus is all about! AND – that is what is sadly missing in this whole blog. God help the body of Christ. Faith works by LOVE!!
    Gossip – slander – judging – name calling – anger – mean spirited comments – abound here! I’m sure of 2 things 1) the Holy Spirit is grieved 2) Jesus is saddened by this whole thing going on here!

  70. Michael Says:

    TRUTH and HOLINESS is what JESUS is all about !!!
    He came to set HIS people FREE from their sin, not to indulge them while they continue in sin.
    False Teachings and False Teachers must be confronted with truth and called to repentance. If they do not repent they must be exposed for the safety of God’s people who may be deceived by them.

  71. Amen,Michael.You are exactly right and Biblically correct.

  72. roy levy Says:

    Good reading. This tells me not to put my trust in any person; trust God alone.

  73. June N. Becker Says:

    Very interesting. We people at North Dakotans used to like Richard and Patti.We still do.

  74. Lola Says:

    Its just unfortunate the way christians divorce and then defend it.

  75. james Says:


  76. […] Patti Roberts,Richard’s First Wife Exposes Heresy of Richard and Oral. […]

  77. Dave Says:

    Oral Roberts was a fraud. Many years ago some of my dad’s relatives took my sister who had spina biffida to be healed. Of course the people around Roberts never let her anywhere near him because they knew he couldn’t “heal” someone with such an obvious physical problem. You hear many stories like this. He was a fake. Maybe the people around him enabled him to believe he could really heal people or maybe he knew what a scam he was pulling. I don’t know what was in his heart. But I know a huckster when I see him. Benny Hinn is pulling the same scam today. Worse people who had almost nothing sent money to fund their extravagant lifestyle. Surely those people could have given that money to a local church that would have used it to help people in their own community or somewhere else in the world and not to live like millionaires. Any true Christian should be disgusted by this kind of fraud. I know I am.

  78. Katie G. Says:

    Okay… forgive me if this has already been said. I couldn’t stomach reading any more.

    NO ONE KNOWS what a person really thinks in their own minds except God and that person and NO ONE KNOWS what a person really does in their own home behind closed doors except that person, those in the family who witness it and God. It is dangerous to put ourselves out there as judge. Even if someone steps up and says “I saw this”, WE DON’T KNOW IF THEY DID. It’s very dangerous to put yourself in the judge’s chair.

    There is a way to deal with things. It is in Matthew 18:15-17 –

    “15 “If your brother sins against you, go, show him his fault between you and him alone. If he listens to you, you have gained back your brother. 16 But if he doesn’t listen, take one or two more with you, that at the mouth of two or three witnesses every word may be established. 17 If he refuses to listen to them, tell it to the assembly. If he refuses to hear the assembly also, let him be to you as a Gentile or a tax collector.” ”

    And it ends there. Also consider this:

    Proverbs 6:12-19:

    12 A worthless person, a man of iniquity is he who walks with a
    perverse mouth; 13 who winks with his eyes, who signals with his feet, who motions with his fingers; 14 in whose heart is perverseness, who devises evil continually, Who always SOWS DISCORD. 15 Therefore his calamity will come suddenly. He will be broken suddenly, and that without remedy. 16 There are six things which Yahweh hates; Yes, seven which are an abomination [something disgusting, (morally)], to Him: 17 Haughty eyes, a lying tongue, hands that shed innocent blood; 18 A heart that devises wicked schemes, feet that are swift in running to mischief, 19 a false witness who utters lies, and he who SOWS DISCORD [a contest or quarrel:–brawling, contention(-ous), discord, strife] among brothers.”

    Look up the word “discord” and you’ll find “conflict, strife, contention, trouble, dispute, fighting…

    Someone says what the Roberts’ are doing is disgusting. Others attack them and defend the Roberts. HELLO!!! Can anyone see how futile this is? We’re at each other’s throats to the delight of the devil and his angels (not to mention the ones living in the enemy’s darkness).

    When we do this, God finds it disgusting. It grieves His heart. If what you’re hearing bothers you, pray for them. Or pray that if what you’re hearing is true that God will stop them from ruining His good name by causing them to go out of favour with the people or whatever HE CHOOSES TO DO. Don’t sin by hating them or speaking evil of them.

    Lev. 19:16 “‘You shall not go up and down as a slanderer among your people; neither shall you stand against the life of your neighbour. I am Yahweh.

    Prov. 18:8 The words of a tale-bearer are as wounds, and they go down into the innermost parts of the belly.

    19 He who goes about as a tale-bearer reveals secrets; Therefore don’t keep company with him who opens wide his lips.

    Not very flattering to be called a tale-bearer by God, is it?

    I’m NOT SAYING that the Roberts’ are perfect and Godly. I don’t know. I’m saying let’s err on the side of caution and not show the world that we’re willing to attack each other. Don’t close your eyes to sin but don’t involve yourself in something that is none of your business. PRAY. If we prayed instead of “sharing”, can you imagine the results?

    James 5:16 – Confess your offenses to one another, and pray one for another, that you may be healed. The effective, earnest prayer of a righteous man is powerfully effective.

    Don’t treat each other like the world does. They’ll just point and say “they’re no different from me”.

    This is a painful lesson I had to learn. I’m NOT PERFECT. Just trying to surrender my life to Him.

    My 2 cents’ worth…

  79. mimi Says:

    A person who supports defends a false teacher (scam artist) becomes a partaker of his evil deeds. If judging people like the Robertses makes you nervous, then don’t judge them: judge the FRUIT. Ye shall know them by their fruits.

  80. mimi Says:

    Kathryn Kuhlman was another charlatan nut case. At a crusade my daughter asked to remove the brace that was hurting her leg. Suddenly an usher appeared, shouting “A healiing over here!” He grabbed the device from me and tried to destroy it. KK kept pushing a little nun to the floor while the crowd roared insanely. KK never noticed the row of cancer patients in wheelchairs directly behind us, several at death’s door. The crusade was a huge success In terms of contrubutions for Miss Kuhlman who put on quite a show dressed in billows of white gauze with fants blowing on her. It was eerie and had nothing to do with God. As P. T. Barnum said, “There’s a sucker born every minute.”

    • Chuck Says:

      You’re the nut case. Kathryn said she NEVER healed anyone, but countless sick and infirmed have been healed through her ministry, with documentation to back it up. Dr. Richard Orwellan from the Mayo Clinic in Baltimore will attest to that, having been on stage to check out those claiming healings personally. The average documented giving per person in such healing services was a huge 50 cents, just enough to cover expenses. She NEVER ONCE asked for one cent on her long running TV series. The ministry was entirely supported by her congregants, of which I was one, having attended and sung in her choir for years. If anyone would know about anything bad going on, it would have been her Sunday congregation. Sorry, you are way out of line on this one. She was the last “real thing” in the healing ministry.

      • Arthur Adam Haglund Says:

        Kuhlman DID proclaim healing THROUGH her ministry! While she may have said SHE was NOT the one doing the healing, does not matter.
        As for any doctor confirming healings that are CLAIMED (only) to have happened, that was a farse! one canot confrim the healing unless the illness or malady was confirmed, never happened! As with ALL the rest of the fakes, Kuhlman ONLY and always ‘healed’ the hidden, invisible sick and infirm, never truely visible problems!
        To say differently is to LIE!

      • Brainless wonders like you who ignore the overwhelming evidence and testimony given by countless thousands of changed lives and bodies can only attest to your own pathetic need of a major organ transplant. One can’t argue with a “don’t confuse me with the facts, my mind’s already made up” kind of neanderthal. Go crawl back into your mother’s womb and stay there.

      • Arthur Adam Haglund Says:

        Name calling is the refuge of those with no truth or defense of their position.
        You claim facts but NONE exist. You cite testimony, but there is no proof. ‘Positive confession’ is the game, so any and all claims become reality is the song you sing.

        Kuhlman had NO certified, proven healings under her ‘ministry’!
        NEither does Benny Hinn, Nor Kenneth Copeland, Neither Did Ken Hagin, Oral Roberts or any of the rest of the gang, including the Todd Bentley’s and Bill Johnsons of the newest wave of heretic liars. (not name calling, but those who speak lies are, by definition, liars)
        Proof would manifest itself in others stating the miracle, not the ministers. Proof would be that visible healings would happen, not the refusal to even lay hands on those with visible illnesses and deformities.
        You feel personally offended because you cannot accept that you believed a lie. You’re WAY too smart and holy to fall for that, so yourage against truth to defend your sinful pride. You need to repent!

  81. SusieQ Says:

    Not knowing who the Roberts were, and moving here to Tulsa from Ca., I found myself in the boarding area of Braniff one afternoon in 1975. I was a flight attendant commuting up to Kansas City. I heard this murmur of people in the boarding area and looked up to see these two people swooping into the area. The man had on a full-length fur coat with coiffed hair, the woman a full-length fur coat with all kinds of jewlery and both had leather boots on to die for. Coming from Ca all I could think of was that it looked like a pimp with his high-end call girl. I had no point of reference. I never had a pastor in my upbringing look like that, so I didn’t know what I was seeing. Then I find out it was Richard and Patti Roberts. They were headed to Kansas City in first class. I never saw them after I boarded the plane. They must have been swooped off in Kansas City before I got off the flight. They were quite the spectacle. I’m embarrassed for the whole family. They will never get “it”. I have watched from afar for all these years. Shame on them, and shame on the people who support them and their false ministry.

  82. Katie G. Says:

    This is a scary thread. If you people claim to be Christians don’t you think your language/words should be a little more kind? You don’t have to agree with each other AT ALL but you certainly could use different words in expressing your position.

    Colossians 4:6 — Let your speech be alway with grace, seasoned with salt, that you may know how you ought to answer every man.

    You can say whatever you have to say but please, if you’re professing to be a Christian, state your comment politely. There is so much nastiness here.

    Jesus Himself said ” …for out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks.” The condition of your heart is revealed by your words. How do I know that? Scripture says so. Plus God has revealed to me that I did the same thing and I responded to His correction.

    We are to hate sin, NOT the people who, as you are so angrily stating, are “sinning”. Wow…

  83. Tina Says:

    Does anyone remember reading about the day that Christ was crucified? Remember that there were two other men with Him? Remember what Christ said to one of them? Remember reading about the 12 deciples? Remember that none of them were perfect? Remember that each and every one had a sinful nature? Remember that we all have sinful natures? Everyone who has blogged here on this page has a sinful nature. Wouldn’t you agree? Also, I think it is also stated in the Bible somewhere, forgive me if I am wrong, but I believe it says something about only God knows the heart of man. I would not presume to know the heart of anyone or there motives, with that said I also am not blind or ignorant. That being said, doesn’t it make more sense to not GOSSIP about things that can only be proven in a court of law with tangable evidence and not speculation or here say. Just sayin. Anyone who has never done anything wrong in there entire life should stay humble enough to let God handle what man should stay out of.

  84. Tina Says:

    And isn’t true that we are to pray for one another not prey on one another?

  85. Tina Says:

    Am I missing something here? What is the real reason why we go to church? I mean is it to get our ears tickled? Is it to find out what the latest style of clothing is? Is it who can give the biggest offering? is it to find out the latest gossip? Is it to spread some “smack” of your own to stir the pot so to speak? Is it to have a jam session with the music? Is it to have other people see you pray in public? If I am not mistaken, there is only ONE reason to go to church…I believe it is to Worship God and Praise His Son Jesus for Saving YOU!!!!!! NO OTHER REASON. Don’t sway to the left and don’t sway to the right but keep it between the lines the very straight and narrow one.

    • cmaglaughlin Says:

      One important reason for some is to get voters registered and re-elect the abortion man himself, Obama. Black Christians who voted for him have the blood of 58 million aborted babies on their hands. Talk about stupidity and spitting in the eye of the One Who conceived them in the womb.

      • Tina Says:

        cmaglaughlin, I agree with that reason as well. I really and I mean really can’t say enough about Obama and how he has severely damaged the USA economically as well as many many more ways. I really don’t know what it was but from the very first time I ever saw him, there was something about him that made me quite honestly despise the man and I am not the kind of person who holds grudges or has hate of any kind. I think I have a very laid back nature. Not easily rattled, however, where Obama is concerned, I knew he was going to be very very bad from the beginning. Please, also don’t think that I am prejeduce either cause it doesn’t matter the color of the skin as long as the person can do what a President is suppose to do. Obama massively fell short of what an moral, honest leader is suppose to be. There is a power that he has over his people and the press, I have to say. What other President in history has never brought some “spot light” so to speak to the White House. Only one…Obama. He came into office with a secret agenda and he has just about completed it. Genecide and all with all the abortions. I know I am probably going to get a lot of heated feed back on this but as far as I know freedom of speech hasn’t been taken away from us yet like a lot of other freedoms have. I miss the old USA.

      • cmaglaughlin Says:

        I, too, am not one to care about color. The last time I got excited about someone for President was when Alan Keyes was running in the primaries. Then we “found out” about his lesbian daughter and some other inconsistencies concerning his campaign funds. If a man can’t rule his own household, how is he going to succeed ruling the world? God forbid they ever mention Obama’s abysmal abortion record on Trinity Broadcasting any night a black person is hosting. Mass hysteria would ensue. There goes half their “love” gifts! Talk about a circus. And Pat Robertson needs to be “put out to pasture”, too, after hearing his stand on the right to divorce a terminally ill spouse. Beam me up, Jesus!

  86. Tina Says:

    Vows mean nothing anymore. People change spouses like they change jobs in this day and age. It is very scary dating in these disease infested times. Taking vows is nothing to throw away. Accountability is right around the corner. Karma means something, you know. I should stop, I am becoming very judgemental and that is not who I am. I mean really to each there own. I know my nose is clean and the kind of life I have led and the mistakes I have made along the way but I also know the lessons I have learned from those mistakes. As far as anyone else is concerned, I feel they can go to God and get clean and forgiven if that is there chosing. If it is not what they want to do at this time in there life than I of all people should not judge rather they should be prayed for. If they are a person than they deserve prayer. Anger is a control issue. Untfortunately, to some, Christianity is about conrol. That is not what it means to me. Wow, I don’t know how I got way off subject but somehow I did. This truly is not directed at you cmaglaughlin. But, who knows, maybe someone who has written on this blog needed a message. I don’t know, but, to whoever, there it is.

  87. val Says:

    I got a copy of the book Ashes to Gold by Patti from a garage book sale here in the Philippines. It was in the late 90’s when I got the book and that was the time when I was new in the pentecostal experience. and that time i was in a church pastored by a couple from a Word Of Faith kind of faith. And because my pastors were Word of Faith teachers, they know Oral Roberts very well. The name Oral Roberts became familiar to me because I used to read Believer’s Voice of Victory from Kenneth Copeland’s Ministry. And most of us here know that Kenneth Copeland was once a pilot of Oral Roberts. So when I got the book Ashes to Gold, I was kinda frustrated with Oral Roberts and Richard Roberts. I lend the book to my pastor’s wife and she too became frustrated. But she encouraged me not to judge because according to her we are not in the position to judge anyone. However, up until this time I can’t reconcile some of the things that Patti mentioned regarding the heresy of the Roberts. I am not frustrated with the divorce of Richard and Patti but I am frustrated with the heresies of the Roberts. I am still in the pentecostal faith now but I just can’t agree with the Roberts.

    By the way, my book was never returned to me by my pastor’s wife as I moved from the province where our church is to the capital city of the Philippines. She told me that she will bring the book to me once she goes to Manila. But she failed to bring the book. My pastor and his family are now in England. It seems that the book would no longer come back to me.

    I am asking anyone on this site if they could be generous to give me a copy of the book or if you don’t need it anymore, may I ask you to prayerfully consider giving it to me, pls?

    If you feel like giving it to me, please send me a message at for my mailing address here in the Philippines.

    The book was is so great to read. I wanna read it again. So please give me a copy.

    Before I end, may I know how Patti is right now?

    Thank you and God bless you all.

    in Him,
    Val Paminiano

    • Arthur Adam Haglund Says:

      Val, I am worried that you are NOT bothered by the divorce. MY Bible quotes Jesus as saying what God has joined together, let NO man divide, put asunder. Oral ordered the divorce and his child, adult Richard, obediently obeyed Daddy because the son’s wife was no obedient to his heresy and sin. so Sonny boy sinned and remarried, which is not marriage, but adultery, in God’s holy eyes!

      • val Says:

        Yes I perfectly understand Arthur. What I mean is, for me it was better that they divorced because Patti could no longer take the heresy of the Roberts. And I think My Bible also support a divorce with a condition of not marrying again until the legal partner is still alive. Had Patti not divorced Richard, I don’t think we will have Ashes to Gold book written by Patti herself.

        Anyway I thank God that there is someone who became interested in responding to my comment.

        By the way, do you have a copy of the book that you can give me?

      • Arthur Haglund Says:

        Your welcome on the comment’s interest. No, I no longer have my copy. It was given away more than 20 yrs ago.
        I am glad to read that you understand the Biblical restraints on divorce. I have heard nothing more of Patti after her having written this book. As we all know, Richard and his adulterous wife were removed from leadership of ORU due to both immorality and misuse of university funds. There is no end to their sin.

  88. Elizabeth Storbo Says:

    i just read Ashes to Gold. \i feel for \patti. She was wonderful and \i don’t doubt anything she has said. God bless her.\

    • Arthur Adam Haglund Says:

      I REALLY wich people would not say that Oral approved Richards divorce, because that is not accurate, he commanded it. That is a big and important difference!

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