God gave His Only Begotten Son:To Whom?For What Purpose?John3:16

1.God gave His Son–His only begotten Son.

This an echo from that lesson in the Old Testament.Gen22:2,7,16.Abraham need not sacrifice his son…because a greater love is at work here,the love of God,and another Son must be given and would be given.Another only Son,the Son of God.Abraham’s son is only a picture and that onliness of Isaac is but a shadowly representation of another Son and of another relationship of which there is no earthly equivalent or even parallel.

God gave His Son,from eternity (John1).There never was a time when the second Person of the Trinity did not exist.He is co-eternal with God the Father,possessing the same nature with the Father.He is the of God’s limitless,boundless,eternal love.And yet we read that God gave His Son…Him the Father gave,and this is our message.The gospel is not,God is love,the gospel is ,God supremely gave His only begotten Son.

2.To whom did the Father give His Son?For what purpose was His Son given?

The verb(gave)in John3:16 seems to require an indirect object.To whom did God give His Son?For whom did He give His Son?He gave that dying men,women and young people ,from all parts of the world,should not die,should not perish,that there should be hope.That is why a star has arisen in the blackness of the sky of human misery and grief….because God so loved….

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One Comment on “God gave His Only Begotten Son:To Whom?For What Purpose?John3:16”

  1. Steve Says:

    Hey…what do you know. I was searching for a phrase “God gave his son,” and guess who googled out…you did. This post was like the third one. Thanks for the post hottub.

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