Gray and Dickard..Parliamentarians in Florence..SCBS Convention

Rudy Gray and Wayne Dickard are long time friends of mine.I think so highly of them,I have asked them to preside at my memorial service(but not until I die).I plan to have my ashes lie in state for 3 days to make sure that I’m dead.

Just for your information:

Rudy Gray was born in a large town,Iva,SC.I know his mom and dad real well.At one time I was their Pastor.

No one knows for sure where Wayne was born.He was left at a rest stop near Anderson,SC.,shortly after he was born.

He was raised by a pack of wolves until he was found and adopted at age three.

Gray’s hair has fallen out.He likes to say,”Hair today,gone tomorrow.”

Dickard has had the same hair style since he was twelve.

Both men are slightly hen-pecked but they have lovely Christian wives.

Neither man can carry a tune
I preached in a revival meeting at Wayne’s church years ago.I’ve suffered migrane headaches ever since.They started when I stood next to Wayne during the song service.

When Dr.Gray sings,Angels weep and Heaven’s flag is flown at half staff.

Gray and Dickard are friends but disagree on some doctrinal issues:Gray at one time was a Calvinist.Now he prefers to say that he believes in the Doctrines of grace(a generic term for Calvinism.)

Dickard is neither a Calvinist nor an Arminian,but he loves the Lord.

Gray is comfortable with the mid-trib position.

Dickard is a fan of Pre-trib theology and the fiction books,”Left behind.”

Both,of course are wrong(see me for info.on the right position).

Gray’s health is bad.Dickard is addicted to caffeine.

Gray and Dickard both believe that the Bible teaches total abstinance from alcohol.But neither can support it from scripture

Gray preaches from the NASB.

Dickard preaches from an “Old Scofield”KJV Bible.

Both Dickard and Gray are legends in their own minds.

Both men are embarrased that I am a radical.( who is not climbing the ladder and defends Reformation doctrine)Both men “outgrew”me years ago,but they are my friends for life.They will serve us well in Florence.I could not hope that either man would speak to me in Florence,bit it would be nice if they nodded their heads towards me and gave a slight wave.That would be sufficient for ths disabled,bi-vocational preacher.

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3 Comments on “Gray and Dickard..Parliamentarians in Florence..SCBS Convention”

  1. pastorinthewoods Says:

    dear hottub,

    With friends like you who needs enemies!

  2. Dwight,
    I only have one friend and I don’t like him.

  3. mary Says:

    Well sir I dont know Gray but Dickard as you so loving address him is my cousin. Maybe they should just send you a note instead of nodding. Just kidding.

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