God So Loved The World That “He Gave.”John3:16……

“God gave.”The expression of that love is described.

1.God gave.The giving of Christ is the matter of  God’s initative.Sometimes the gospel is so represented that it would seem that only after Christ shed His blood on the cross could God begin to love us.But behind the advent of Christ stands God with a heart of love.

Christ’s cross did not incline God’s heart to us,Rather,God’s love gave us Christ’s cross.

So great is that love,so boundless that it expresses itself in giving.Love without expression,love without fruit is quite meaningless.It is easy for one to say he feels love for another person…but when it comes to the expression of that love:when it comes to giving from that love,then we are in an area that is of much greater difficulty.

The word of God does not conceive anywhere of love as an attitude or a kind of feeling.Jesus tell a stoy about a Father who had two sons(Matt.21).And He said to one of them,”Go out into the vineyard and work today.”And he said no.To the second son,He said,”Go out into the vineyard and work today.”And he said,yes.The first son who said no went into the vineyard and worked.The second son wha said yes,stayed home.Now which of them loved his father and did the will of his father?The first son proved that love by going into the vineyard and doing a hard day’s work.Jesus expresses it another way in John14:21..If you love me,keep my commandments.

He did not say,if you love me,say so.But if you love me,obey me.If you love me ,keep my commandments.This in the Scriptures is called love.

Love is not an attitude or frame of mind.What would it mean to us if the Lord had said,”God so loved the world period?”It would mean nothing at all.There would be no love at all,because God’s love does not exist in itself.Love is not expressionless.Love is not vague.Love is not a mere feeling.God’s love is not inactive.

God so loved…that He gave,and that active love of God is a love that goes forth,that reaches out,that embraces its objects ,that does something for its objects.Indeed it does EVERYTHING  for its objects.

2.The Application.

God gave, now should I not give?  God did not withhold his only begotten son and shall I withhold myself from Him?

How can we not respond by giving ourselves?

What of those who call themselves Christians and care nothing for the work of Christ?  A contridiction in terms.  What can we say of professing Christians who know nothing of the stewardship of their gifts, their money, their possessions, who never give a thought to tithing.

what of those who have no interest at all in the program of the church, simply a contridiction in terms, if one belongs to the Lord Jesus Christ then he belongs entirely.

We are bought with a price and therefore we are no longer our own.  We live no longer to satisfy our own desire but to serve because of the one  who so loved the world.  Has God given and shall I not give?

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2 Comments on “God So Loved The World That “He Gave.”John3:16……”

  1. hwunch Says:

    God shows us how to give, for He is the Supreme giver. GREAT POST! Amen, and Amen.

  2. sandrar Says:

    Hi! I was surfing and found your blog post… nice! I love your blog. 🙂 Cheers! Sandra. R.

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