Go Ye Into All the World.For God so Loved the World.

The great “Omission”today is that we have greatly avoided the “Great Commision.”Jesus said,”lift up your eyes,the fields are white unto harvest.”But we are looking down and around.We are ministering to ourselves,while the world is going to hell.

The South Carolina Baptist Convention has approximately 30 million dollars in reserve and yet will not agree to a 50/50 program that would keep 50% and give 50% to the CP.

In our SBC Denomination we have 40 thousand churches and 15 million members,but only 5,000 foreign missionaries.And most people actually boast about that.

The American Baptist Churches,USA,has about 1.6. million members but only 110 full-time overseas missionaries.

The Presbyterian Church,USA,one of America’s largest mainline denominations has only 250 long-term mission workers.

The good news is….Operation Mobilisation,an Evangelical missionary organization,has 4,200 overseas missioaries.

And The highly Evangelica Youth Wih A Mission(YWAM) has more than 40,000 missionaries stationed around the world

The youth are putting our mainline denominations to shame,including “our Beloved SBC


When Tony Campolo was speaking at one of our conferences,he said with pathos and meaning,”The world is going to hell and you don’t give a DAMN.And you are more concerned that I said damn than you are about the world going to hell. I’m afraid he’s right.

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3 Comments on “Go Ye Into All the World.For God so Loved the World.”

  1. pastorinthewoods Says:

    I heard Toni say that in 1991 in a Gardner Webb Chapel service. I think its one of his favorite lines. He then asked if there was any of the professors who would sell their mercedese in the parking lot to feed a hungry family.

    You have stopped preaching and started meddling.
    Our church recently recieved a certificate of appreciation from IMB for giving $28.78 per capita to world missions. I was not proud of anybody including myself if that is all we are averaging. God help us if that is commendable giving to world missions.

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  3. Paulette Munn Says:

    I was thrilled to stumble across this site, I am glad we do have other SCBC who fill like we are out here under an umbrella and we are alone. I too was surprised we only have 5000 missionaries, however we do take care of them. That too is important. I receive lots of requests from the other organizations mentioned, and everyone has a limit on gifts. even Tony Campolo! I think he is a great speaker but would you really want him as a pastor? I think not!!

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