Pictures of Jay Poore’s Daughter: Haley

(Click on picture to see its entirety.)

Our son Jay passed away in Jan.This is his daughter Haley who is one year old.She lives with Seon Mi(our daughter-in-law in Seoul South Korea.

Haley Poore 3Haley Poore 2Haley Poore

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10 Comments on “Pictures of Jay Poore’s Daughter: Haley”

  1. Greg Bailey Says:

    She is adorable… Not quite as adorable as my grand-daughter Bailey, but she is in the top 2!:)
    Where in ROK do they live. I was there in 88-89 while in the Army. Camp Greaves, within eyesight of the DML and Camp Liberty Bell JSA).

  2. Thanks Greg,
    They live in Seoul.Jay was a principal and English teacher in a private school there.Haley was 6 months old when Jay died.Haley was the love of his life.

  3. Greg Bailey Says:

    I can see why he was the love of his life. Korea is a wonderful place. Gorgeous during the spring and summer. Brown in the fall, but not nearly as cold in the more populated places as Mash would have you think…now the central mountains and north of the 38th are arctic.
    I hope you are able to see them soon. I advise Northwestern. Of course, I haven’t flown to Korea in …19 years.

  4. pastorinthewoods Says:

    She is a beautiful little girl.

  5. Vicki Faulkenberry Says:

    She is a beautiful vision. I was just thinking of her recently and wondered how much she must have grown. I can see Jay in her eyes and her smile. Thank you for sharing.

  6. Wanda Ewing Says:

    I know you see Jay whenever you look at her. I hope she and her mother always stay in contact with you.

  7. rW Says:

    I lived with Jay in Prague, much missed, and fondly remembered. Rich

  8. Rich,
    Jay enjoyed his time and friends in Prague.I met one of his friends from Ireland who visited with us in S.C.I still smile when I recall jay’s stories about meeting with men in the coffe shops to teach them english.Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us about Jay.

  9. Jim Says:

    I remember my visit, it was great to meet you. I also think of Jay a lot, it is a sad loss, but I am happy he has left a beautiful granddaughter for you.

  10. Amy Says:

    I knew Jay in Chapel Hill. He was a good friend and I have many great memories of good times with him. We’d lost touch since then. Just today I thought of him and was trying to track him down via google. I’m stunned and so saddened to discover that he’s gone.

    Haley is beautiful.


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