Who Are The Most Spiritual People In America?

In his book,”Letters To A Young Evangelical Tony Campolo(Yes I read Tony’s books) he writes,Not too long ago,I was a guest speaker at a prominent theological seminary.I told the students about a study that had analyzed all kinds of religious people,from Franciscan monks to Baptist evangelists.  This study had determined that the most spiritual people in America were African American grandmothers who lived along the border between Alabama and Georgia.  Most of these women had little more than a grade school education, lived well below the poverty line, and were trying to raise grandchildren who had been abandoned by their parents.  I asked the students if they were surprised to learn that these old women, struggling to survive at a subsistence level while rearing young children, were the Americans who were most into prayer, reading the Bible, and evidencing “the fruit of the Spirit”  described in Galantians 5:22-23.  I wanted to know whether they were amazed to find that these impoverished grandmothers, with more burdens than most of us could handle, were the people of our country who were most likely to show love, joy, meekness, peace of mind, long-suffering, gentleness, goodness, and faith.  With one voice, the students answered, “No!”

    I had them set up for my next question, which was admittedly somewhat tongue-in-cheek:  “If these grandmothers living in poverty down South are the most spiritual people in America, if it is with them that you are most likely to experience the presence of Christ, then why are you studying with scholars up here at this seminary?”

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One Comment on “Who Are The Most Spiritual People In America?”

  1. Jess Dixon Says:

    an unfulfilled longing in my heart is to find just one person who is truly walking with God, who has experienced the promise of James 4:8, and to be able to form a lasting intimate friendship wish such a person to help mentor me to learn how to keep in cadence walk with the Holy Spirit (Gal 5:25). Evidently His plan is for each person to have only one spiritual Mentor – the Spirit of the Lord Himself! But it’s hard to hear his voice while listening to the Silence.

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