Where Is The Altar When We Fail And When We Falter?

Several years ago I did a study on Altars.I delibertly used only the Strongs concordance and the Bible. Not surprisingly,to me at least,I discovered that the way we explain as well as invite people (especially believers)to come to the front of the church to an altar is a “monster”not recognized in the Bible.Most will disagree strongly with me.I invite you to study the word altar from Gen.to Rev.before you condemn me.

When I concluded my study on the altar ,I wrote a simple poem to  briefly attempt to describe that Christ is our altar,whether we are in the church or in the Kitchen.

                                                                  Hebrews4:14-16.”Come To The Alter.”

When you fail and when you falter,

There is help to find at the Altar ,

There is grace to help in time of need,

If at the Altar  his voice we heed,

Where is the Altar,now you say,

Is there help for me today?

Is there a special place to find his mercy and seek His face,

I so need to find His favor,His love,his help,His amazing grace,

Is there any hope that I may find,

Joy and rest and peace of mind?

Yes,for the cross became our Altar  many years ago,

Now His joy,rest,peace and love you may surely know.

It is finished on the cross He loudly cried,

Then He bowed His head and there He died.

Now today and in the days to come,He is our Altar,


Will you confess that you  fail and that you  falter,

 would you meet Him right now at the Altar?

You may say,”how do I come,where do I start?”

Just remember,He’s alive and in your heart.

Bill Poore




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2 Comments on “Where Is The Altar When We Fail And When We Falter?”

  1. pastorinthewoods Says:

    I heard you preach several of these messages at Good Hope. To this day every time I here someone say the front of the church is an altar I hear your messages in my mind. When doing public invitations I invite people to make committments before God and come to the front to make those committments public or to request help in prayer. Thank you for theological correctness that points people to Jesus not to the front of the church building.

  2. Greg Bailey Says:

    Well, as I have been told and believe (see Hebrews for this also) in the architecture of a Baptist church there is no Altar. We have no priest or need for sacrifice, only Jesus the Priest and sacrifice all in one, once and for all. No silliness intended. I haven’t even finished your post, but I sincerely remember a very holy and competent (comptroller of Colgate-Palmolive at 38) layman passionately explain why we cannot have a literal altar and why we do have the Lord’s Table. When I strained it through my Bible lenses, I knew he was right…having now completed your verse, we agree where the Altar is and what it should be.
    Grace Alone,

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