Live Longer..Go To Church: Stay Away and Die An Early Death!!

If you want to greatly increase your chance for a long life,you will be interested in the following:

1.Do not ever ride in an automobile or get in the way of one.they cause 20% of all fatal accidents.

2.Do not stay at home-17% of all accidents happen in the home.

3.Do not walk around on the streets.14% of all accidents happen to pedestrians.

4.Do not travel by airrail or water,for 6% of all accidents are the result of this type of travel.

5.But only one ten thousandth of one percent of all deaths occur at church,and those are related to previous physical disorders such as heart attacks obviously the safest place in all the world is at worship.Be on the safe side,attend all scheduled services.It might just save your life,to say nothing about your soul!

Come to church Sunday with a smile on your face,a Bible in your hand,and an offering in your pocket.If you are afraid of “crowds”then Calvary Baptist is the place for you.Calvary Baptist,where everybody is nobody,but Jesus is Somebody,and When a nobody meets the Somebody,miracles take place.


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