Memories Of A Special Place By Bill Poore

 I wrote this poem for homecoming at Midland Park Baptist Church in Charleston,S.C.It is now known as Riverbluff Church,

Memories Of A Special Place:

It was in this church,this is the place,

Where I first learned of God’s good grace,

In Sunbeams,I learned all of the Bible books,

I still recall your smiles,your affirming looks,

For this,you gave to me approval and a silver star,

And said,”We’re very proud that you’ve come this far.”

In Vacation Bible School,you always taught me well,

The food,the fun,the crafts,everything was swell,

Back then the crowds were large and I was small and scared,

But then I felt your hand on mine and then I knew  you cared,

In Sunday School you said ,” the Bible is always true.”

And while you were teaching me,I was watching you.

You studied,prayed,you taught you cared.

You gave to me your time,your life to me was shared,

Many who were here are here no more,they now are gone,

But the example that they set still lives on and on.

They fought the good fight,they finished the race,

Now the’re with Jesus the Christ,face to face.

Many godly Pastors in this church,I have known,

Their love to me was real and always clearly shown,

Pastors Story Betty,Dent and Dr.Luther Knight,

These men helped a troubled boy to see the light.

I thank God for all these former years,

For your love and care and perhaps your tears.

From this church,you affirmed me and sent me out to preach,

Now you have helped me many precious souls to reach,

Thank you for this very special ,special place,

Where you taught a little boy of God’s amazing grace.

Bill (back then Billy)Poore

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6 Comments on “Memories Of A Special Place By Bill Poore”

  1. Tom Tucker Says:

    Great poem. My dad and Luther Knight were very close friends. Dad pastored for 40 years. he was born and raised in Union, SC. Pastor Knight pastored Mon Aetna!

  2. Tom,
    Dr.KNIGHT was a brilliant,humble man.After he suffered from a stroke that affected his speech,he started a Bible study for others who had experienced strokes.He never gave up.

  3. pastorinthewoods Says:

    Great poem. I will be preaching Homecoming at Eureka this weekend. I will get Seth to spit off of the Hotel balcony for you for old times sake.

  4. chadwick Says:


    Can you write an “imaginary” poem about the “Baptist Building?” 😉


  5. Chadwick,
    No,I don’t want to offend the annuity board guy in the Baptist Building.Refer to me as “Billy”again and I will start an ugly rumor about you.

  6. chadwick Says:

    back then biily, now bill, yet, hottub on the www,

    You can start a rumor about me . . . i aint tryin to climb the ladder of success! the worst thing that could happen is i could be denied “teller” status at the pastors conference.

    my wife calls me chad, i sign my name chadwick,


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