Barak Obama’s Pastor Goes nuts in a Sermon

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4 Comments on “Barak Obama’s Pastor Goes nuts in a Sermon”

  1. Steve Says:

    Bill, I couldn’t tell from all the video noise what was being said, and didn’t stick it out to find out…so what’s the gist?

    And thanks for speaking up last night.

  2. Steve,
    The Pastor rages that the U.S is a corrupt nation and thinks that just about every war we’ve been in is criminal on our part.
    He talks about the fact that there are more African men in prison than in collegeas if thats our fault.
    At the end of his so called sermon he says,”And God must be tired of all ths shi….

  3. pastorinthewoods Says:

    I particularly appreciated the comment thatthe US government invented HIV and now will not spend teh money to stop it. I wish preachers like this could be as passionate about God’s word as they are about the myths they propagate

  4. Quinn Hooks Says:

    S.O.S – Same Old Stuff

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